Tim's articles and photographs for the Chronicle

 Tim wrote and photographed more than 500 narrative features for The Chronicle-News from January 2009 to August 2016. He continued his popular weekly "man-on-the-street" feature "Over the Pass" (OTP) for three full years through March 2017. Every feature is archived below, in reverse chronological order. The SEARCH feature at left can find specific stories, topics, and people. Tim has marked many favorites with an asterisk *


OTP: What Change Would You Like to See?  3/28/17

OTP: What Do You Do for Exercise?  3/21/17

OTP: What's the Most Frightened You've Ever Been?  3/14/17

OTP: What Were You Good at as a Kid?  3/7/17

OTP: What Are Your Favorite Articles of Clothing?  2/28/17

OTP: What Have You Collected?  2/21/17

OTP: What Are You Proud Of?  2/14/17

OTP: What Drives You?  2/7/17

OTP: What Do You Drive?  1/31/17

OTP: What Stores Do You Use Most Often?  1/24/17

OTP: When Do You Feel Fabulous?  1/17/17

OTP: What's Your Favorite Movie for Laughing Out Loud?  1/10/17

OTP: What Was the Best Thing Your Mom Cooked?  1/3/17


OTP: How Could Things Get Better Next Year?  12/27/16

OTP: What Pleasant Surprise Could Santa Add to Your Stocking? 12/20/16

OTP: What Makes You Sad?  12/13/16

OTP: What Makes You Happy?  12/6/16

OTP: What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?  11/29/16

OTP: How Many Times Have You Flown in Airplanes?  11/22/16

OTP: What's the Most Beautiful Place You've Ever Seen?  11/15/16

OTP: What's a Goal That You Hope to Achieve? 11/8/16

OTP: What Was Your Last Traffic Ticket?  11/1/16

OTP: What's Your Favorite Music for a Good Mood?  10/25/16

OTP: Are You a Dog Person or a Cat Person?  10/18/16

OTP: How Do You Feel About the Approach of Winter?  10/11/16

OTP: What Do You Enjoy for Recreation?  10/4/16

OTP: What Advice Would You Offer to a Teenager Today?  9/27/16

OTP: What's On Your Bucket List?  9/20/16

OTP: What Was the Last Book You Read?  9/13/16

OTP: What Were You Good at in High School?  9/6/16

OTP: Is There A Weather Event That Has Stayed in Your Memory? 8/30/16

OTP: What Would You Do with a $500 Cash Prize?  8/23/16

OTP: What Was Your First Job?  8/16/16

* Raton's Hefker-Miles Wins Mongol Derby  8/12/16

OTP: What Local Organization Do You Especially Appreciate?  8/9/16

* Up, Up & Away: Branson Hiking Club Takes the High Road  8/4/16


Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo:
In a fast changing world, rodeo queens are still
Western horse culture's best ambassadors

Part 1  -  7/29/16
Part 2  -  8/5/16

OTP: What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream?  8/2/16

OTP: What Are Your Favorite Summer Activities?  7/26/16

OTP: What Are Your Favorite Ways of Coping with the Summer Heat? 7/19/16

OTP: What Is Your Favorite Restaurant?  7/12/16

OTP: What Person in History Would You Choose to Have Dinner With? 7/5/16

OTP: What Have You Done That Was Exciting?  6/28/16

OTP: What's Something You Do That's Outside Your Comfort Zone? 6/21/16

OTP: What Do You Like About Trinidad?  6/14/16

OTP: What Are You Most Looking Forward To This Summer?  6/7/16

OTP: What's Something You Hoped For, But Didn't Get?  5/31/16

* From Coal to Diamonds: Joe Spicola Makes Anthony's Jewelers Shine  5/24/16

OTP: What Advice Can You Give to Young People?  5/24/16 


Exploring Southern Colorado's Enchanting San Luis Valley
From Acequias to Sand Dunes, A Colorado Scenic Travelogue

Part 1 - Alamosa and the San Luis Valley  4/15/16
Part 2 - Antonito to San Luis, the Southern Valley  4/22/16
Part 3 - Great Sand Dunes National Park  4/29/16
Part 4 - Fort Garland, Kit Carson & Buffalo Soldiers  5/6/16
Part 5 - High-desert Swamps Grow Colorado Gators! 5/14/16

OTP: What Song Do You Know the Words To?  5/10/16

OTP: Who Is Your Favorite Singer from the Past?  5/3/16

OTP: Describe Your Favorite Weather  4/26/16

* Longhorns, Gunfights Highlight Tucumcari Rawhide Days  4/20/16

OTP: What's Your Five-Year Plan?  4/19/16

OTP: What Games Do You Enjoy Playing?  4/12/16

* Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' to Tucumcari Rawhide Days  4/8/16

OTP: What Is Difficult for You?  4/5/16


The Horse That Made Max Evans a Writer
A rough horse and a failed ranch turned Max Evans into a writer

Part 1  (3/25/16)
Part 2  (4/1/16)

OTP: How Much Time Do You Spend Watching Sports?  3/29/16

OTP: What's Something You Don't Believe In?  3/22/16

Easter Egg Hunt Next on Busy SCFC Events Schedule  3/15/16

OTP: What Has Scared You?  3/15/16

Bent's Fort Frontier Skills Day Offers Unique Opportunity  3/14/16

Colorado Travelogue:
* Going Up the River: A First-timer's Journey Up the Highway of Legends 3/11/16

OTP: What Is Something That's Always in Your Refrigerator?  3/8/16


When America Ended at the Arkansas River
A Road Trip to Bent's Fort

Part 1  (2/26/16)
Part 2  (3/4/16)

OTP: What Is Something You'd Love to Buy, If Only You Could?  3/1/16

OTP: As a Cook, What's Your Best Dish?  2/23/16

OTP: What Is Your Earliest Memory?  2/16/16

OTP: What Do You Do That's Creative?  2/9/16

OTP: What Do You Do for Exercise?  2/2/16

Family Bingo Night Offers Saturday Night Fun  2/2/16

OTP: What Makes You Cry?  1/26/16

OTP: What's a Mistake You've Made?  1/19/16 


Chasing Billy the Kid
A New Mexico Travelogue

Part 1: Mesilla
Part 2: Lincoln
Part 3: Fort Sumner

Also available here with all three parts together

*  Chasing Billy the Kid, A NM Travelogue: Part 3, Fort Sumner  1/14/16

OTP: What Makes You Happy?  1/12/16

* Chasing Billy the Kid, A NM Travelogue: Part 2, Lincoln  1/8/16

Trinidad Rodeo Queens Reunite for Magazine Feature  1/7/16

New Year's Polar Plunge Again Draws the Hardy & the Foolhardy  1/5/16

OTP: What's Your Favorite Food or Drink for Cold Wintry Days? 1/5/16

Young Cowboy Chance Walton Brings In New Year Right On Top  1/4/16

* Chasing Billy the Kid, A NM Travelogue: Part 1, Mesilla  1/1/16


OTP: What Change Would You Like to Make in 2016?  12/29/15

Peace Reigns as Raton Stops for Christmas (photos)  12/28/15

* Doctoring Cowboys: Marcia Hefker Makes a Difference  12/25/15

Enjoying Raton's Downtown Christmas Lights (photo)  12/24/15

OTP: What Was a Difficult Challenge That You Had to Overcome?  12/22/15

* Cowboy Candy Store: Solano's Reaches Its 60th Year  12/18/15

OTP: What Was the Last Class You Took?  12/15/15

Santa, Gingerbread Houses Focus of Weekend Fun  12/9/15

OTP: What's Something You Enjoy About Winter?  12/8/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Color?  12/1/15

OTP: What's Your Thanksgiving Tradition?  11/24/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Food?  11/17/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Vehicle?  11/10/15

OTP: What Have You Named Your Pet(s)  11/3/15

* God Moves in Mysterious Ways: Trinidad's Skateboarding Priest 10/30/15

Just Dropping In: Flying Rollerblader Brendan Watson (photo)  10/28/15

OTP: What Will You Do on Halloween?  10/27/15

A.R. Mitchell Black & White Western Ball -- A Photo Story  10/27/15

It's Apple Time Along the Front Range (photo)  10/23/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Season?  10/20/15

OTP: Why Do You Live Here?  10/13/15

*  Family Weekend Brings Action to Trinidad Skatepark  10/6/15

OTP: What Would Be Your Dream Meal for Your Next Birthday?  10/6/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Restaurant Meal?  9/29/15

* Skateboarding's First Wave: Friends Share Experience at TrindieFest  9/24/15

OTP: What Do You Do for Exercise?  9/22/15

Folsom Hosts Hi Lo Fiesta, Cowboy Trade Show Saturday  9/16/15

OTP: What Time Do You Get Up Most Mornings?  9/15/15

Latin Comedy Jam Returns Stand-up Comedy to Raton  9/14/15

* 105th Trinidad Round-up Rodeo & Fair: Photography  9/9/15
(Additional online gallery here for fee.)

OTP: When Did You Last Cross Raton Pass?  9/8/15

* Chamber Music Concert Lets Young Talents Shine  9/4/15

OTP: What Local Organization Are You Most Glad Is Here?  9/1/15

Trinidad's Art Trek Draws Enthusiastic Crowds (photo story)  8/31/15

Music from Angel Fire Presents Annual Free Concert at Shuler  8/27/15

OTP: What Bugs You?  8/25/15

Glenn Miller Orchestra's Dinner/Dance Fills Convention Center  8/19/15

OTP: What Did You Have the Last Time You Went Out to Eat?  8/18/15

'Stars' Come Out for Raton's Lip Sync 2015  8/17/15

Lip Sync Zaniness Back for 38th Year  8/12/15

'Jungle Book' Youth Show Closes Shuler Season with Charm  8/11/05

OTP: What Do You Think About Our Wet Summer?  8/11/15

Shuler Kids Take a Run Through the 'Jungle Book'  8/4/15

OTP: Vacation or Staycation: Does This Summer Include a Break for You?  8/4/15

Texan Tyler Hammond Wins New Mexico Country Showdown  8/3/15

*  'Boeing Boeing' Flies High, Lands Big Laughs  7/28/15

OTP: What's the Best Advice That You Can Give?  7/28/15

Shuler Farce Aims for High L.P.M. (Laughs Per Minute)  7/22/15

OTP: What Do You Like to Do on Your Days Off? 7/21/15

Rich Owen Wins Colorado Country Music Showdown  7/21/15

Quick Draw Draws Crowds to Park and Mitchell Museum  7/20/15

Country Singer-Songwriters Set for Raton Sunday Concert  7/16/15

Raton Writer Pauses to Offer Summer Creativity Retreats  7/14/15

Trinidad's Wiskey (sic) Creek Entertains Raton Audience  7/14/15

OTP: What Did You Learn from Your Parents?  7/14/15

Shakespeare's Forest Fantasy Charms at the Shuler  7/13/15

Classic Opens Thursday at the Shuler  7/9/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Guilty Pleasure?  7/7/15

Raton Enjoys Brightly Colored Holiday Weekend  7/6/15

Raton's Balloon Rally Returns to Brighten Morning Skies  6/30/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Way to Relax in the Summer?  6/30/15

* Shuler's 'Into the Woods' a Rousing Musical Adventure  6/29/15

Shuler Offers Fairytale Musical 'Into the Woods'  6/24/15

OTP: If You Could Have an All-Expense-Paid Vacation...?  6/23/15

Shuler Opens Summer with Comic Variety Show  6/22/15

'Variety of Errors' Promises Antic Comedy for Weekend  6/17/15

OTP: The Last Time You Left Town, Where Did You Go?  6/16/15

* Sadie Renfro's Rearview Mirror Sees Back 92 Years  6/11/15

OTP: Why Do You Live Here?  6/9/15

Shuler Actors Ride In By Rail  6/9/15

Syd Masters to Launch Raton's Free Summer Concert Series  6/8/15

* Folsom Artist Dino Cornay Favors Pencils & Guitar Picks  6/2/15

OTP: Why Did You Choose the Car That You Drive Now?  6/2/15

Company of Actors to Descend on Raton  5/29/15

Art Legacy Celebrated As Teacher Retires  5/28/15

OTP: What's the Hardest Part of Your Job?  5/26/15

OTP: What Technology Do You Use for Listening to Music?  5/19/15

Tim Keller Brings Home Pair of Writing Awards  5/15/15

Teen Artist July Hunnicutt Wins Another 'Best of Show' Award  5/13/15

Huge Undersea Mural Adds Sea Life to Raton Aquatic Center  5/12/15

OTP: What Is the Longest Time You've Ever Been Away From Home? 5/12/15

Raton Community Garden: Green Thumbs Unite  5/8/15

Carpenters Music Gets 'Close to You'  5/7/15

Folsom Tours Offer Beauty, Surprise & a Country Drive  5/6/15

OTP: What Is Your Favorite Vegetable?  5/5/15

Raton Puts 'Fiesta' in Cinco de Mayo  5/5/15

Student Creativity Shows, Grows with Poetry Rocks!  4/29/15

Shuler Theater Celebrates Grand Century  4/28/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Breed of Dog?  4/28/15

Six Appeal Thrills Audience with Singing, Dancing, Comedy  4/27/15

Shuler's 100th Birthday Gala Slated This Weekend  4/23/15

Raton Again Welcomes Spring with Climax Canyon Trail Run  4/22/15

OTP: What Was the Last Book You Read?  4/21/15

Poetry Rocks! A Celebration of Student Poetry  4/21/15

Six Appeal - Harmony, Laughter Comes to Town  4/21/15

OTP: What Are Your Favorite Shoes to Wear?  4/14/15

Aqua Easter Egg Hunt Goes Wet, Wild, Colorful  4/8/15

OTP: What Summer Food Do You Most Miss in Winter?  4/7/15

Aqua Easter Egg Hunt Causing a Splash at Aquatic Center  3/31/15

OTP: What Country Would You Most Like to Visit?  3/31/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Old TV Show?  3/24/15

Latin Comedy Jam Packs House for Shuler Show  3/23/15

Latin Comedy Jam in the House Saturday  3/18/15

'Hello Dolly' Brings Fun to the Neighborhood  3/17/15

* City Skate Park Funds Finding New Youth Projects  3/17/15

OTP: What Do You Most Look Forward to About Summer?  3/17/15

* Expert Shares Recipes for Small-Town Revitalization  3/11/15

OTP: What's the Farthest You've Been Away from Home?  3/10/15

* Winter Hiking Goes Down Long Country Roads  3/3/15

OTP: What Do You Do for Peace or Relaxation?  3/3/15

Raton's Rachel Patty Heading to Poetry Nationals for NM  2/27/15

OTP: Where Do You Get Your News?  2/24/15

Generous Snowstorm Visits Raton -- Photo Feature  2/23/15

Raton's Radio Shack Has Staying Power  2/17/15

OTP: What Was Your Pet's Name When You Were a Child?  2/17/15

Ventriloquist Todd Oliver Pulls Out the Laughs  2/10/15

OTP: Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?  2/10/15

Chocolate Factory Returns to Sugar-Charge Valentine's Weekend  2/9/15

OTP: What Is a Favorite Childhood Memory?  2/3/15

* Landon Berry Chooses Life on the Range  1/30/15

OTP: What's a Book That You Have Loved?  1/27/15

Ventriloquist Todd Oliver Bringing Dogs, Laughs to Shuler  1/26/15

Youth Art Show Draws Record Number of Entries  1/20/15

OTP: Who Was Your Best Teacher in School?  1/20/15

Beatles Wannabes Close Enough for Sold-Out Shuler Crowd  1/19/15

OTP: What's Your Favorite Movie for Laughing Out Loud?  1/13/15

Beatles Tribute Band Brings 'Yesterday' to the Shuler  1/13/15

Show Invites Artwork from Area Students of All Ages  1/6/15

OTP: What Was the Best Thing Your Mother Cooked?  1/6/15

Polar Bear Plunge Takes Breath Away from New Year  1/5/15



OTP: What Would You Like to See Change in 2015?  12/30/14

Cimarron River in Winter, Front Page Photo  12/30/14

Raton Courthouse & Goat Hill, Front Page Photo  12/29/14

OTP: What Pleasant Surprise Could Santa Add to Your Stocking This Year? 12/23/14

Over the Pass: Who Do You Miss the Most?  12/16/14

Capulin Volcano in Winter, Front Page Photo  12/10/14

Over the Pass: Who Do You Admire?  12/9/14

Over the Pass: Are You Old School?  12/2/14

Tony DeSare Pleases in Impressive Shuler Theater Concert  11/26/14

Over the Pass: What's Your Plan for Thanksgiving?  11/25/14

OTP: If a Wind Blew You Away, Where Would You Land? 11/18/14

Swinging Young Sinatra Coming to Shuler Theater  11/14/14

Over the Pass: Have You Embraced New Technology?  11/11/14

Over the Pass: What Might You Sing in the Shower?  11/5/14

Over the Pass: What Brought You Here?  10/28/14

Troubadour Matt Campbell Returns for Raton Concert  10/22/14

* Scott Berry Brings Hometown Talents to Raton City Hall  10/21/14

Glenn Miller Orchestra Swings into Shuler Theater  10/21/14

Over the Pass: What Do You Listen To?  10/21/14

Missouri Brothers Win Shuler Country Showdown  10/20/14

Country Showdown Returning to Shuler for Exciting Weekend  10/14/14

Over the Pass: What Do You Like Best About This Town?  10/14/14

Piano Virtuoso Gives Shuler's Steinway a Good Workout  10/8/14

Over the Pass: Who Has Had the Greatest Influence on You?  10/7/14

Over the Pass: What Is the Difference Between Existing and Living?  9/30/14

Shuler Performance Series Opens with Piano Virtuoso  9/30/14

Over the Pass: What Would You Like to* Have Back from Your Past?  9/24/14

Over the Pass: What Do You Lack?  9/17/14

Down and Dirty Does It...Mud Bog Racing Photo  9/16/14

Masters of the Mountain Gain Hard-Won Accolades  9/15/14

Raton to Celebrate Art of Great Outdoors Events  9/9/14

Over the Pass: What's Your Favorite Sport to Watch?  9/9/14

* Ranchers' Pinon Canyon Victory Earns Magazine Cover Story  9/3/14

Over the Pass: What's Your Favorite Summer Food? 9/2/14

Over the Pass: What's Your Greatest Struggle Right Now?  8/26/14

Over the Pass: What Is Your Earliest Memory?  8/19/14

Lip Sync 2014 Packs Shuler Theater for Family Frolics  8/18/14

* Skateboarding: Faster Than a Speeding Locomotive  8/15/14

Lip Sync Extravaganza Returns to Raton's Shuler Theater  8/14/14

Music From Angel Fire Returns for Free Raton Concert  8/14/14

Over the Pass: How Has This Summer Been for Business?  8/12/14

'Wonderland' Kids Present Alice's Journey Down the Rabbit Hole  8/6/14

Over the Pass: Vacation or Staycation - Does This Summer Include a Break for You? 8/6/14

'Grace & Glorie' Brings Laughs and Heartstrings to Shuler  7/31/14

Over the Pass: What's One Change You'd Like to Make in Your Life?  7/29/14

Over the Pass: What's Our Town's Biggest Problem?  7/22/14

Review: Mind Games, Ghosts Haunt 'Turn of the Screw"  7/16/14

Over the Pass: What Have You Enjoyed Most So Far This Summer?  7/15/14

Ghostly Mystery Tale Shrouds Shuler Stage Performance  7/10/14

Review: Scratching the Surface Provokes Laughter in Shuler's 'Earnest"  7/9/14

Review: Lies Lead to Laughs in SCRT's 'Liar'  7/8/14

Over the Pass: What Do You Do for Exercise?  7/8/14

Balloons, Baseball Highlight All-American Weekend  7/8/14

Balloon Rally Highlights Raton's All-American Weekend Festivities 7/3/14

Shuler To Present Oscar Wilde's Comedic 'Perfect Play'  7/2/14

Over the Pass: What Are You Doing for the Fourth of July?  7/1/14

Fireballs Rock First Wings & Wheels Festival  6/30/14

Rino's Italian Restaurant (front page photo feature)  6/30/14

Review: Cotton Patch Gospel Mixes Comedy, Drama, Reverence  6/24/14

Over the Pass: Do You Remember the Most Frightened You've Ever Been? 6/24/14

Rockin' Wings & Wheels Lands Wednesday  6/23/14

"Cotton Patch Gospel" Brings Laughter, Music to Shuler  6/18/14

Over the Pass: What Do You Like Best About Summer?  6/17/14

Skateboarder Frisco Duran Takes Flight (front page photo feature) 6/13/14

Over the Pass: What Would You Change in Our Town?  6/10/14

Over the Pass: When Are You Happiest?  6/3/14

Simpson's Rest Sunset (1000 Words Photo)  6/3/14

Over the Pass: How Do You Define Success?  5/27/14

"Best New Act in Country Music" Returns to Raton for Concert  5/22/14

Over the Pass: What's Your Favorite Restaurant Meal?  5/20/14

Over the Pass: What Does Our Town Lack?  5/13/14

Female Version of "The Odd Couple" Brings Comedy to Shuler  5/8/14

*  Raton's the Star as TV Crew Spends Day Filming  5/7/14

Over the Pass: When Are You Happiest?  5/6/14

Cinco de Mayo Festivities Brighten Shuler Stage  5/2/14

Over the Pass: Where Do You Take Visitors?  4/29/14

Red Bell (1000 Words Photo)  4/23/14

Over the Pass: What Would You Change in Our Schools?  4/22/14

Kress Building (1000 Words Photo)  4/16/14

Over the Pass: Which Businesses Can You Not Live Without?  4/15/14

Everything Fitz Brings Fiddles & Step Dancing to Town  4/10/14

Over the Pass: What's the Best Advice You Can Give?  4/8/14

Raton Welcomes Spring with Climax Canyon Trail Event  4/7/14

**  Read Steve Block's profile & preview of Tim's "Unfiltered" show  4/2/14  **

Over the Pass: Where Do Cooks Go Out to Dinner?  4/1/14

Canadian Trio Shows Its Roots in Raton, La Junta  3/28/14

*  Exchange Students Enliven Area High Schools  3/27/14

Over the Pass: What's Our Best-Kept Secret?  3/25/14

Air Force Band's Rampart Winds Blow into Shuler Theater  3/21/14

Book Club Turns Deadly Funny in Shuler Comedy  3/20/14

Tim's new weekly feature!  Over the Pass  3/17/14 (large file, lots of photos)

Miners' Memorial (front page photo)  3/12/14

"Nicho" - Exposed Brick (front page photo)  3/10/14

Dance Extravaganza on Tap at Shuler  3/4/14

Trinidad Public Library (front page photo)  3/3/14

The Chronicle's on-again off-again relationship with Raton is on again beginning in March 2014.



Acclaimed Young Pianist Coming to Shuler Theater  10/1/13

Cattle Crossing (front page photo)  9/18/13

Masters of the Mountains Recap (photos)  9/17/13

Willard Louden, Treasure To Be Missed (photos)  9/9/13
(See also Tim's September 2009 profile of Willard)

Toughest M.O.M. of All Races Through Raton  9/9/13

Pigeons Take Flight Over Marty Feeds (photo)  8/28/13

World-class Chamber Music Returns to Raton  8/19/13

Mud Bog Racing Splatters Trucks in Raton (photos)  8/19/13

Chinese Acrobats Set to Astonish Again, and Again  8/15/13

Lip Syncing Will Fill Shuler with Fun This Weekend  8/13/13

Get Your Motor Runnin' -- Raton Revs in the Mud Saturday  8/13/13

Schoolhouse Rock! Comes Alive at Shuler  8/9/13

The Shuler Delivers Laughs and a Clue  7/31/13

High School Musical Has a Clue (or 216)  7/23/13

"Steel Magnolias" in Full Bloom at Shuler Theater  7/22/13

For Perry Self, Play's the Thing  7/17/13

Raton Balloon Rally Up, Up and Away  7/9/13

Sparks Fly, Waters Rise in "Two by Two" at Shuler  7/8/13

Veteran Actor Returns to Shuler for Musical Comedy  7/4/13

Balloon Rally Returning to Fill Skies Over Raton  7/3/13

Murder, Comedy Mix Well in Shuler Production  7/1/13

Change of Life Leads Raton Banker to Murder 6/26/13


* * * * *

From January 2009 to August 2012, Tim provided more than 275 features to The Chronicle-News, each accompanied by his photography. For the next eight months, the Chronicle ceased coverage of Raton stories and Tim bowed out--thus the gap here. A new editor pulled him back in the following summer and he continued with the paper into 2017. Use the Search feature in the left menu to find specific subjects and features.

* * * * *


*  "Willy Wonka" Sweetens Smiles for Shuler Audiences  8/13/12

Summer Youth Musical Comes Chocolate Coated  8/6/12

*  Shuler Director Gail Dixon-Willden Lives for Life in Theater  7/30/12

*  Unseen Duo Keeps Shuler Shows Running Smoothly  7/25/12

Murders Spin Tangled Web in Shuler Mystery  7/23/12

*  TJ Mendez Brings Talents Home to Shuler Theater  7/20/12

Shuler Spins "Web of Murder" This Weekend  7/19/12

*  Shuler Comedy Breaks Barriers to Laughter  7/16/12

*  Adrianne Coleman Fights Cancer with Comedy  7/13/12

Shuler Opens Third Summer Comedy This Weekend  7/12/12

*  Raton's Talent Makes Shuler Summer Season Special  7/11/12

*  Adams State Talent Bolsters Shuler Theater Summer Season  7/4/12

Shuler's Church Basement Ladies Good for Music & Laughter  7/3/12

*  Kaleidoscope Players Nail Zaniness of Unnecessary Farce  7/2/12

*  Raton Visitor Center Draws Travelers Like a Magnet  5/25

RHS Salutatorian James Neary Named National Merit Scholar  5/17/12

Chelsea Chavez Wins Best of Show at 42nd Annual Art Show  5/15/12

Raton High School Honors Young Writers  5/15/12

*  Cellos Two Improvises Concert for Intimate Shuler Audience  5/14/12

Dueling Cellos to Benefit ShortGrass Festival  5/11/12

*  Rickie Lee Rocks Shuler Crowd Back to the '50s  5/8/12

*  Raton Schools' Bands & Choirs Shine in Annual Concert  5/7/12

"Cheating Cheaters" Lays on the Laughs  5/1/12

22 Student Poets Help Shuler Celebrate Birthday with Poetry Rocks! 4/30/12

Shuler to Mark 97th Birthday with Poetry Rocks!  4/24/12

*  Leo Linsky, Restless Man for All Seasons  4/3/12

Weekend Dance Recital to Celebrate Freedom  3/27/12

Spring for Hops & Vine Brings Raton a Taste of Music  3/26/12

*  Branding Time Returns, the Old-Fashioned Way  3/23/12

Town Hall Audience Gets Tips on Bringing Film Productions to Town  3/1/12

David Frank Repeats with Solano Pro Best of Show  2/29/12

*  Box Full of Child's Play Spills Across Shuler Stage  2/27/12

"Texting Kills" Program Aims to Keep Teen Drivers Safe  2/23/12

Children's Play 'Pandora's Box' Opens This Weekend  2/20/12

Chocolate Factory Caps Sweet Valentine's Day  2/16/12

Chocolate Factory Returning for Valentines  2/9/12

Region's Youth Shine in Annual Oratorical Contest  2/2/12

*  Blues Brothers Revue Rocks the Shuler  1/30/12

Raton's Maggie Honeyfield Signs with Trinidad State  1/24/12

Annual Oratorical Contest Coming to Shuler  1/23/12

Blues Brothers Revue Set to Roll into Shuler Theater  1/19/12


Home Free Jingles Bells with A Cappella Concert - Review  12/12/11

"A Christmas Carol" Merrier Than Ever This Year - Review  12/12/11

Home Free Returns to Shuler with an A Cappella Christmas Concert  12/9/11

"A Christmas Carol" Makes Its Annual Return to Shuler Theater  12/6/11

*  Review: Hot Gypsy Jazz Swings Shuler Theater Audience  11/23/11

Guitar Virtuoso John Jorgenson Brings Gypsy Jazz to Raton  11/15/11

*  Well-Acted Mystery Keeps Shuler Audiences Guessing: Review  11/14/11

Agatha Christie Mystery at the Shuler: A Preview  11/11/11

* * * * *

Tim contributed more than 200 features and 500 photographs to The Chronicle-News in 2009 & 2010; however, by mid-2011 the Louisiana owner had cut back on pages and photos, then withdrew from the Raton/New Mexico market, greatly diminishing Tim's role.

Update: in November 2011, the newspaper's Louisiana owner contacted Tim to say that he missed Tim's writing in the paper. The two arranged for Tim to provide Raton arts coverage for the foreseeable future.

* * * * *

* Love, Sex, and the I.R.S.: A Funny Combination  7/25/11

Red, White and Funny at the Shuler  7/4/11

*  Little Shop of Horrors Opens Shuler Summer Season  6/27/11

*  Raton Celebrates Marge Atwater  6/10/11

Four Join RHS Wall of Fame  5/18/11

*  Dry Cimarron Tour Draws Large Six-State Crowd  5/17/11

*  Jeri Sager Brings Broadway to Raton  5/16/11

Annual Dry Cimarron Tour Ready to Roll  5/10/11

Autumn Hunnicutt Wins Best of Show  5/5/11

Sam Bayliss is Whited Foundation Writer of the Year  5/5/11

*  Local Youth Poets Rock the Shuler  5/4/11

Poets Turn Students into Poets  4/25/11

The Circus Blows Into Town  4/5/11

*  Review: Vintage Hitchcock Radio Play at the Shuler  3/29/11

Raton's FCCLA Heads to Nationals in California  3/24/11

*  Vintage Hitchcock Radio Play Reaches Raton Stages  3/22/11

Celtic Fire Sells Out Shuler Theater for St. Pat's Show  3/21/11

 Young Filmmakers Earn a Trip to Washington 3/18/11

 The Samanthas Plan Their Careers  3/18/11

BPA Management Group Wins New Mexico Title  3/18/11

*  Pirates & Captives Make Friends & Laughter at Shuler  3/11/11

*  Clayton Webelos Get Nathaniel Franklin's Lessons in Heavy Metal  3/8/11

*  Raton Youth Theater Brings Swashbuckling Adventure to Shuler  3/2/11

Shuler Gets "A Second Helping" of Musical Comedy  2/25/11

*  Brazilian Exchange Students Winter in Raton  2/23/11

*  If Chocolate Is A Sin, FCCLA Is In Trouble  2/18/11

*  Olympiaganza Stirs Up the Gods  2/15/11

For Valentine's Day, All-You-Can-Eat Homemade Chocolates!  2/11/11

Madcap Mask & Wig Kids Bring Hilarity to Shuler Theater  2/9/11

*  Hunter Schoonover Is A Superhero  2/4/11

*  Mask & Wig Club Gets Silly at Night  2/4/11

Dante Sparaco's Essay Takes Him to Nationals  2/4/11

Riley Wilson Writes for Experience and Reward  2/3/11

*  Oratorical Contest Packs Shuler Theater  1/31/11

*  African Dancers "Wow Wow" Shuler Theater Crowd  1/17/11


Geometry Students Design & Build Homes  12/21/10

Christmas Carol Brings Good Cheer to Raton  p1  p2  12/6/10

Sharon Niederman Celebrates New Mexico Food in 10th Book  11/30/10

*  Review: Teen Comedy Fun for All at the Shuler  11/24/10

RHS Drama Club Prepares Laughs for Shuler  11/17/10

*  Redhead Express Brings Rousing Bluegrass to the Shuler  10/11/10

RHS Constitution Day Event is All Fun & Games  10/1/10

*  Exciting Capulin Volcano Run Grows by Leaps & Bounds  p1  p2  9/28/10

Mandala Center Hosts Tibetan Monks for Peace Celebration  p1  p2  9/27/10

German Quilters Rendezvous with Raton Counterparts  9/27/10

Whited Foundation Earns Governor's Award for Arts Excellence p1  p2  9/24/10

Sharon Niederman Swings Into Folsom Sunday  9/23/10

*  Shuler Opens Season with Splashy Argentine Dance Troupe  p1  p2  9/22/10

Capulin Volcano Run Returns for 3rd Year  9/21/10

Rowdy-O Fires Up Raton Homecoming  p1  p2   9/17/10

Gil Sperry Brings Mariachi to Life  9/15/10

Governor Richardson Delivers a Check to Raton  9/6/10

*  Review: Juan Siddi Flamenco Company at the Shuler  p1  p2  8/31/10

*  Review: Golden Dragon Acrobats Put the Awe Back in Awesome  8/26/10

*  Health Careers Pathway Opens in Raton  p1  p2  8/20/10

*  Multiple Casualty Incident Tests EMTs and Firefighters  8/17/10  (More)

Dr. Roberto Garcia To Present Folsom Program of Penitente Music  8/16/10

Senator Udall Sends Representatives to Area Communities  8/16/10

Bayou Seco Tops Perfect Folsom Saturday  8/10

*  Review: Raton Youth Theater Rocks the Shuler with Dolittle  8/6/10

Open Team Roping Raises Funds and Fun for Des Moines Athletics  p1  p2  8/4/10

Folsom Celebrates "New Harmonies" with Bayou Seco's Roots Music  8/3/10

Raton's Ambassadors of Music Perform Across Europe  8/2/10

*  Dr. Dolittle Does a Lot for Fun at the Shuler  7/30/10

*  Jersey Boys Go for a Walk  p1  p2  7/22/10  (More Story & Photos Here)

Actress Barbara Farrar Is No Common Fool  p1  p2  7/21/10

* Veteran Stage Actor J. Michael Craig Relishes Challenges  7/16/10

*  Trice/Solano: Jillian & Drey Come Home to Play  7/13/10

Folsom's Chili Cook-off Under the Stars a Wet Success  7/12/10

*  Neil Simon's Fools Brings Hilarity to Shuler  7/8/10

*  Actor/Comic Ian McCabe brings star talent to Raton  7/7/10

Folsom Museum's Western Night Under the Stars  7/6/10

Punch Hennigan's Love of Land Led to Realty  7/2/10

Nara Visa Has the Goods, at Auction  7/1/10

Jim Irwin's 85 Years in New Mexico: Book Release  7/1/10

*  Review: "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at Shuler  6/29/10

* Review: "God's Man in Texas" at the Shuler  6/28/10

*  Class of 2010 Leaves a Buoyant Parting Prank  p1  p2  5/21/10

Raton Schools Wall of Fame Inducts 3 New Members  5/20/10

*  Spring Concert Brings Musical Treats To Shuler Theater  5/17/10

Raton's 40th Annual "Youth In Art" Show Biggest Ever  5/17/10

SRO Crowd for Raton's Youth Writing Awards  5/14/10

Folsom Museum's Annual Spring Historical Tours Are Here  5/12/10

4th Annual Poetry Marathon Rhymes at Raton High School  5/10/10

Capulin Restaurant Faces High Hurdles  p1  p2  5/7/10

RHS Band Wows 'Em in the Show-Me State  5/6/10

Ray Collins Brings Teary DWI Warning to Raton  5/5/10  +  Correction

Columbian Card Factory Greets 10th Year  5/5/10

Capulin Mothers Day Brunch & Restaurant Closed  p1  p2  p3    5/3-4/10

Youth in Art 2010 Awards Show  5/4/10

Raton's Young Writers To Be Honored  p1  p2  5/3/10

Raton Concert Bands Earn Honors in State Competition  5/3/10

Raton Welcomes Guard Troops Home from Iraq Duty  4/30/10

*  Review: A Touch of Arsenic Is Good for You  4/29/10

Review: Home Free Brings A Cappella Joy to the Shuler  4/29/10

Senator's Rep Meets with Des Moines Health Center Board  4/26/10

DWI Task Force Aims at Raton Prom  4/21/10  

Dorothy Best Lights Up Raton  p1  p2  4/14/10

Alan Best Connects with Raton  4/12/10

*  To Be American: Inge & Tom Bobek  4/7/10

Des Moines Health Fair Returns  4/6/10

Senator Udall's Road Crew  p1  p2  3/26/10

Raton Bands Earn State Berth with "Superior" Ratings 3/26/10

*  "Haggis Heads" Invade Shuler Theater for Concert  3/24/10

RHS Culinary Arts Adds Catering to its Menu  3/17/10

*  Shuler Crowd Comes to the Cabaret  p1  p2  3/16/10

*  Raton Youth Theater Brings Hilarity to Grimm Tales  3/9/10

Aimee Feldman's Library Card  p1  p2  3/3/10

RHS Drama Club Takes It to Portales  3/3/10

*  Mallorie Salazar's Grimm Tale  3/2/10

Raton Builds Mock Trial Program  3/1/10

*  Dave Willden's Snow Day  2/26/10

Des Moines Rodeo Club Saddles Up  2/24/10

*  Poetry Slam Hits Des Moines  2/19/10

Verna Adams Jumps into Biology and FFA at RHS  2/11/10

New Mexico Poets Coming to Des Moines School  2/11/10

Justin Malano Fills Big Shoes at RHS  1/15/10

Novelist Steven Havill Launches Raton Writers' Workshop  1/14/10

*  Ride To Pride Rescues Horses and Kids  p1  p2  1/5/10



*  Stockwoman Mary Lou Kern: A Woman's Work  12/24/09

*  Steven F. Havill & Karen Anderson Shine at Studio C  p1  p2  11/24/09

Studio C Celebrates 3rd Annual Show of Gratitude  11/17/09

*  Lori Coon Takes Helm of The Mandala Center  11/9/09

Des Moines School Art Tour Culminates at Studio C  p1  p2  11/6/09

Sue Fleming Named 2009 Raton Treasure  p1  p2  11/2/09

*  Raton Junior Arts Council Gets Creative  10/7/09

*  Capulin Volcano Run an Up-and-Down Affair  9/27/09

September Sizzle Sparkles at Mandala Center  9/27/09

2nd Annual Des Moines Street Fair Rocks  9/27/09

Volcano Communities Gain 10 New EMTs (abridged by ed.)  p1  p2  9/28/09

*  Quincey Burkhalter Gives Teaching a Spin  9/23/09

*  Mary Ann & Willard Louden, Branson Artists  9/22/09

Volcano Communities' Fall Festival Arrives  9/22/09

Capulin Volcano Run Beckons Early Risers  9/15/09

*  Clayton's "Old West Days" Is Big Fun  8/26/09

Denver Songwriter Gabrielle Louise to Headline at Studio C  p1  p2  8/24/09

Clayton Old West Days Preview  8/19/09

*  Folsom Museum Presents Morrow Chautauqua  p1  p2  8/14/09

National Youth Competition at NRA Whittington Center  8/6/09

Folsom Museum Presents Morrow Chautauqua  8/5/09

Laura Brewer's Feature on Tim's Studio C Concert  p1  p2  8/4/09

*  Review: Nathaniel Franklin's Art Challenges, Rewards  p1  p2  8/3/09

Farmers Market Returns to Des Moines  7/29/09

Rivale Girls Dominate Final SGHA Rodeo  7/24/09

Des Moines Hummingbird Rescue Service  7/22/09

*  Syd Masters Swings Raton  7/15/09

Studio C Students Make Art to Wear Home  7/14/09

Kids Academy Animates Des Moines School  7/14/09

*  Sierra Grande Youth Rodeo Runs Hot!  p1  p2  7/13/09

*  Rancher/Paramedic Jan Pryor Saves Lives  p1  p2  7/9/09

*  Folsom Museum Throws a Branding Party  7/8/09

*  Mandala Center's Gaye Brown Retires  7/6/09

*  Artist Nathaniel Franklin Opens Show at Studio C  p1  p2  6/29/09

*  Mexico to Canada Riders Parade in Swink, Colorado  6/17/09

EMT Fun-Fest Piles On the Beef  6/16/09

Des Moines Youth Rodeo  6/9/09

*  Best of America by Horseback: Mexico to Canada  6/8/09

Have a Cup Cafe Makes an Offer (photos)  6/4/09

*   The Future of Ag at Raton High School   p1  p2  6/3/09

**  To Be or Not to Be: Gangs in Raton  6/1-2/09

Shuler Theater Casts About for Little Mermaid Players  6/2/09

**  KRTN's Morning Show Brings Raton Together  5/29/09

Raton Spanish Students Win National Honors  5/28/09

RHS Students Excel at Year-End Tests  5/28/09

Raton Schools Wall of Fame  5/22/09

*  The Lost Treasures of Bill Fegan's Kaleidoscope Players  5/21/09

National Honor Society Celebrates Excellence  p1  p2  5/21/09

Cimarron Photographer Yvonne O'Brien Opens at Studio C  5/19/09

Trinidad EMS Has a Cool Day for Fundraising  p1  p2  5/19/09

U.S. Auto Industry Downsizing Hits Home at Cimino's  5/18/09

Tapia & Apache Play Big Golf  5/15/09

"Art Plays Its Part!" at Des Moines Spring Play  p1  p2  5/12/09

Don't Miss Annual Folsom Man and Dry Cimarron Tours  5/11/09

Trinidad EMS Raises Funds with Fun  p1  p2  5/11/09

*  Man of La Mancha Review  5/11/09

Laura Brewer's preview of Tim's opening at the Mitchell Museum  5/7/09

Des Moines School Gets a Spring Cleaning  p1  p2  5/6/09

Man of La Mancha Preview  5/6/09

*  Raton Student Art Awards Show Packs the House  p1  p2  5/5/09

*  Hilary Bayliss - Writer of the Year  5/5/09

*  Artist Martin Montoya Brings a Spark for Des Moines Kids  5/4/09

*  Russell Woods Leads RHS Band to State Honors  5/4/09

Fire alarm closes Raton High School p1  p2  5/1/09

Yearbook season arrives with signing party  5/1/09

3rd Annual RHS Poetry Marathon Rhymes  4/29/09

Live @ Studio C! Opens 2009 Season  4/28/09

SGLA: Landowners Ready for Commercial Wind Power  4/28/09

Student Arts & Writing Awards Shows Go Downtown  4/27/09

BuzzFree Prom Provides Perks  4/27/09

RHS Band Wins Superior Ratings at District Contest  4/27/09

Man of La Mancha Takes Shape in Raton  4/24/09

New Mexico's DWI Program Lays Down the Law  p1  p2  4/23/09

*  Actress Kathryn Engel Has a Thing for Blanche DuBois  p1  p2  4/22/09

*  Pinon Canyon Art Project Launches 2nd Season p1  p2  4/20/09

*  Judge Walton Takes DWI Court to High School p1  p2  4/15/09

Artist Carol Crary on Mask-making p1  p2  4/13/09

Des Moines Athletics Plays Bingo  4/13/09

*  Brittany Rouse, Training Colts on the Conchas  p1  p2  4/9/09

*  Don Rouse, Cowboy Raconteur  4/9/09

Des Moines Mural Grows into a Landmark  4/8/09

Des Moines Health Fair Preview  4/3/09

* How to Tame a Wild Blizzard  3/30/09

*  Vacationing in a Blizzard  3/30/09

*  Nova Scotia's Grand Derangement Ignites the Shuler 3/26/09

Raton's Mock Trial Team Takes 7th in NM  p1,  p2  3/25/09  

*  FFA: Not for Sissies  3/23/09

* MTV's Diggity Dave Brings His Message to Raton p1,  p2  3/16/09

Raton Students Reap Rewards for High Achievement  3/16/09

Raton Educators Learn to Use an Effective New Tool  3/16/09

DWI Student Task Force Brings MTV to Raton p1  p2  3/11/09

FFA Fixes Raton Team Bus DVD Player  3/11/09

Students Raise Money for Arts & Writing Awards  3/6/09

* An All-Day Clayton Auction: Subtle Pleasures  3/2/09

Raton Ski & Snowboard Club Skips School   2/27/09

Raton Mock Trial Team Makes State Finals   2/26/09

Nathan Aguirre Leads BPA to Nationals p1,  p2   2/25/09

Raton Teens Take Their Act to Portales   2/24/09

* Robert Post Comedy Theater: A Review   2/23/09

"There's Nothing to Do in Raton": Not    2/20/09

* "Why Do We Laugh": A Review  Photos 1, 2  2/17/09

Recycle Des Moines Cycles Forward   2/12/09

Ambitious New Recycling Project...and Restaurant! p1, p2  2/9/09

Des Moines School Board Candidates p1, p2 2/3/09 /Results

* Harvey Shannon: Cattleman Straddles the Lines   1/21/09

PTA Reflections Student Art Awards p1, p2   1/15/09

* Ed Hockett -- Renaissance Man Invents 30-Hour Day p1, p2 1/14/09

* Slave Auction: A Unique Way to Raise Money   1/14/09

BIC: Seeding New Businesses in a Rural Village p1, p2 1/13/09

Dear Abbeys - Boston Acapella Comes to New Mexico p1, p2 1/12/09

Laura Brewer's Features on Tim 12/19/08 2/9/09