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August 27, 2017    3M

Michael Martin Murphey at Bitter Creek Ranch, by Tim Keller PhotographyMichael Martin Murphey at Bitter Creek Ranch, by Tim Keller Photography

Four years ago I spent an entire day and night interviewing and photographing Western singer-songwriter Michael Martin Murphey in Red River for a feature in New Mexico Magazine. I'd known Murphey's songs since the 1970s. I especially enjoyed photographing him outdoors, up Bitter Creek Canyon at his ranch and summer chuckwagon concert series site. As I sat here writing a blog post yesterday morning, the phone rang from Red River. Murphey and his people have called me back up there to shoot a new series of promotional photos next week. I'm hoping to take Christina as my photo assistant and we'll make another day and night of it. My four-year-old photos above show what we'll be up to. I'm looking forward to it.




August 26, 2017    An Oasis in New Mexico

Oasis State Park, Portales NM, by Tim Keller Photography

Last week, Roosevelt General Hospital in Portales selected my "Oasis State Park at Sunrise" for purchase and public display through New Mexico's innovative Art in Public Places (AIPP) program administered by New Mexico Arts (NMA). Four years ago, I set an early alarm to be at the park outside Portales in hopes of getting some great photographs for my 2014 New Mexico Magazine travel feature on sister-cities Clovis and Portales. This one didn't make the magazine, but it became my fifth public purchase and installation through AIPP.

"Tanks, Crossroads NM" by Tim Keller Photography

It almost didn't happen. Three years ago the Portales hospital selected "Tanks, Crossroads NM" (right) for purchase but then the hospital administration changed and the purchase was never completed. Finally, this summer, NMA succeeded in getting the current people at Roosevelt General Hospital to complete its purchase--but they didn't like "Tanks" and wondered whether they could choose something else. I sent eight photos from their area and they chose "Oasis State Park at Sunrise." Voila! Kudos and thanks to Michelle La-Flamme Childs at NMA for her tenacity! (And double thanks to Michelle for saying that she wants to purchase "Tanks" later this year for New Mexico's Permanent Collection!) Christina and I look forward to driving down to Portales this fall to install my newly printed and framed photograph in the hospital. Road trip!




August 10, 2017    Peaches

Peaches, Bedford-Stuyvescent, BrooklynPeaches, Bedford-Stuyvescent, Brooklyn
Peaches, Bedford-Stuyvescent, BrooklynPeaches, Bedford-Stuyvescent, Brooklyn

Christina and I took a long walk one morning in search of a great Sunday brunch. Aided by Trip Adviser, we chose Peaches in Brooklyn's Stuyvescent Heights. We arrived to find a one-hour wait, always a good sign although we were mighty hungry by then. I occupied some of the wait by taking iPhone photos.

Peaches, Brooklyn

Standing outside the busy doorway, I pretended to take pictures of the hand-painted sign but, of course, my object was to capture the busy flow of people as they passed through the door. "Street photography" is a great genre and it's often a matter of photographing people without looking like you're focusing on them, that in fact your interest lies on something or somewhere else. The ubiquity of phone cameras and selfies now makes street photography even easier: Everyone's taking pictures no matter where you go. People have grown accustomed to it. Here was a case where using my phone camera gave me a distinct advantage over one of my Nikons with its big lens.

Peaches serves "modern Southern comfort food," and it proved well worth the wait.




August 1, 2017    A Walk Around Brooklyn

Bicycle on a rack in BrooklynThe Graham Home for Old Ladies, Brooklyn

Here's a pair of my favorite iPhone 7 photos from my walks around Brooklyn, both of these near Darcy's brownstone in Bedford-Stuyvescent. I like the sense that the bike might grow into the emerging plants from the pavers, and I love the colors. The big Clinton Hill condo building on the right still bears its original sign, "The Graham Home for Old Ladies--Incorporated 1851."




July 27, 2017    Brooklyn

Brooklyn window viewDarcy Day Keller, Brooklyn 2017

We traveled light to visit my daughter Darcy and her husband Jarrett in Brooklyn last week, leaving my heavy Nikon cameras and lenses behind in favor of carry-on luggage and iPhone 7 photography. It worked out well. As soon as we arrived at their brownstone, I took a photo out the kitchen window, above left. Darcy and I took lots of long walks, as we love to do whenever we're together, and I held the iPhone high to get her in a frame with a lighted Brooklyn sign that we both fancied.

Brooklyn brownstones

In addition to long daily walks through several Brooklyn neighborhoods, past countless brownstones (right), highlights included some great restaurants, an evening grill atop Darcy and Jarrett's rooftop, an amazing Georgia O'Keeffe show ("Living Modern") at the Brooklyn Museum, and a Mets game--our second major league baseball game in one week! It was fun taking the subway an hour to and from the ballpark with other baseball fans, especially the late night trip home after an exciting Mets victory in the bottom of the ninth inning.

New York City works for me only in small doses, though it's so much cleaner and more enjoyable than when I first started staying there during my music touring days in the late 1980s. Darcy's been there (in the West Village before Brooklyn) for 13 years and loves it. This was our third visit during those 13 years, each visit just a few days, and that's just right for me. I'm always happy to get back home to small-town life in the quiet and slow rural American West.




July 20, 2017    Denver Airport Hotel

Denver Airport Hotel

Last night we enjoyed a great Colorado Rockies game at Denver's downtown Coors Field--my first major league baseball game in decades and Christina's first ever--then walked the revitalized neighborhood between Coors Field and Union Station. After dinner in a brew pub, we checked into a hotel near the airport outside town. This morning I stood over the table in our hotel suite to take this photo of the blue couches flooded with early morning sunlight streaming in from the windows. Leaving our car at the hotel and taking their shuttle to the airport, we're flying east. Next stop Brooklyn!




July 16, 2017    Rope Tricks

Brice Chapmen, Texas trick roper by Tim Keller Photography

While I've been off neglecting my website and generally not working at photography, writing, or much else--I'm enjoying summer as a retired man!--my website continues to work on its own, most recently bringing a deal for the National Folk Festival to use my image of Texas trick roper Brice Chapman from last year's inaugural Tucumcari Rawhide Days. Brice and his daughter Grace will travel from Lubbock to Greensboro, North Carolina, to perform at this year's National Folk Festival September 8-10, 2017. The huge annual three-day festival is entirely free to the public and a great show of American folklife. I'm proud to have my photo on the festival website this summer.