Sat Mar 3 00:27:01 2018

I love this image.

Interestingly, I find the flock of birds uplifting, without any menace. They're rising up; their flight speaks of enlightenment to me.

Timing is everything and your dance with these birds was our good fortune. Thanks for sharing!

Scott L
Sat Feb 3 11:51:31 2018

When you have a desire to photograph Kansas again, come to western Barber County and the interesting and picturesque Gyp Hills. An often overlooked portion of the country, it is a little different than anywhere else.
Years ago, as a kid, my folks would take us to Raton as a vacation where we'd attend the races and enjoy the area. A few years back, you mentioned their attendance in a blog and pics covering a ranch tour in the Folsom area.
Thanks for sharing your site.

Richard Hooks
Mon Dec 25 13:58:35 2017

Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays! LookIng forward to seeing more of your blog and photos this upcoming new year. All the best!


Fri Nov 3 20:58:16 2017

Love update on lovely trip. Helen

Sun Aug 27 19:15:03 2017

Happy you are back. Love following yourt travels and news. No word at all from Terry. Love to Cristina and you. Helen


Sat Jul 29 20:55:07 2017

Hope your trip to NYC went well. Looking forward to new blogs.

Fri Apr 28 21:14:15 2017

Another lonely night missing Jack. Love reading your blogs. Brings back nice memories. Hope to see when next you come west. Love. Helen

Tue Mar 28 22:18:55 2017

On another of my many lonely nights looked and found you wonderful blog....Thanks. It helps. I miss Jack so much. Traveling with you is wonderful.

Richard Hooks
Mon Jul 4 12:19:44 2016

Happy Fourth!

Sun Dec 20 09:49:52 2015

Love these photos. Looks like a magical landscape. Must be magnificent at night


Fri Nov 13 13:38:16 2015

Better late than on my "perch" getting to long overdue emails. Of interest was your mention of Korngold. I was fortunate to meet him during my college days. His son was a classmate of mine. This was durning Korngolds time MGM. I am a fan of his music. Please excuse any typos....Having trouble on IPad. Helen

Christina Boyce

Tue Aug 4 01:11:45 2015

Such a great day!!! Polyphony Marimba makes music to nourish our souls. I am so blessed to have such magical music emanating from within the familial circle.

Thanks for requesting my assistance on this shoot. I'm happy to have been available to be your assistant on this shoot.

Can't wait to hear the new CD from Polyphony Marimba!

Karyna Swing
Sat Aug 1 11:26:19 2015

~What a treat to take a delightful moment away from the recording studio here at Frogville to view the fantastic photographs that you took of this amazing group of musicians! Thank you SO much from Polyphony Marimba for your generous talent and lively expertise. You made us feel loved and beautiful~ Thank you Tim Keller,
with love and joy, Karyna Swing on behalf of the band

Swankie Wheels
Sat Jul 25 19:35:17 2015

I linked to your blog about Raton... on..., if you don't approve, let me know. I love this place.

Lori Holdread

Fri Jul 24 17:10:24 2015

Great pictures, Tim! Thanks for the link to our online portfolio from the Mitchell page.

Rich Hooks
Sun Dec 14 21:03:10 2014

Fantastic pictures! Looks like the weather couldn't have been better.

Sun Dec 14 07:36:19 2014

Sounds so wonderful. Glad you had a great getaway!

Rich Hooks
Tue Aug 26 11:51:27 2014

Would be great to hear some new songs from you! Maybe a new record?!

Rick Trice
Mon Jun 16 16:35:28 2014

Thanks a bunch, Tim! A great photo! You do amazing work. I look forward to your review of the show on opening night! Everyone has worked very hard on Cotton Patch Gospel, and I know it is going to be a real crowd pleaser! Thanks again!

Larry Miller Photography
Mon Feb 3 19:17:39 2014

Accidentally I found your web page and I like your photography, esp the abstracts. The BW of the woman in the long dress is outstanding, very sensual. I have been through Raton on a Goldwing Motorcycle headed toward San Diego. Check out my web site and if your are ever in East Tn. give me a shout...

Santiago Gamboa
Wed Sep 18 15:15:38 2013

Excellent job!!!
Way to go on capturing the moment with your photos. Everytime I see the pictures, I remember what I felt like during that part of the race! I really appreciate the commentary, Great journalism!

Jolynn Powers
Mon Aug 19 10:31:14 2013

Tim looks like you had a lot of fun in the mud and I like to photograph woman drives also... It is intresting to see them loven the mud too. I got my best shots of the mud with camera set in three shot mode so that I was shooting every few seconds... realy that was all their was time for. I did a couple of vidoes and the lenght of time to shot is about 7 seconds.So I would get one at the start one in the mud and one heading out of the course. It is funny to see all of the friends and families at these events but it is... good,clean, fun... well maybe not so clean but good, real good.

Wed May 8 15:41:44 2013

That was the best little sanger' there in that red dress. That is as country as country gets Sir. Patsy wore fringe with pride. So did her bff Loretta. Fashion discussion ISN'T for men. Sorry.

Dick Armstrong
Fri Mar 15 10:40:26 2013

It's been awhile. Congratulations on your continued success with your art.

I'm hoping to move up to the D800 this year and then see where this can go:-)


Sun Feb 24 23:46:06 2013

I never been to Raton N.M. but 1 day hope to visit..It is very beautiful by what I seen in the pics..I love the mountains..I am from Va.and my 50th birthday is in July..So I'm putting to visit Raton N.M. on my bucket list...I'm on a fixed income(disability) but I'll make it 1 for sharing the pictures...

Rick Trice
Fri Jan 4 11:31:08 2013

Thanks, my friend. Your eye and evocative words have a great calming effect in our bustling world. I enjoy your work immensely.

Margaret Linsky
Mon Dec 10 15:11:21 2012

Tim, this is very kind, and you are absolutely right about these great actors!

steve williams
Mon Sep 24 08:23:23 2012

Congrats my friend. A beautiful home with a strong landscape. And the you are talking lovely morning, and soon,the October light.
Be well my friend and enjoy!
Stephen Williams

Sun Sep 23 10:07:29 2012

Hi Tim,

I just saw your note on changing e-mails and came over to see your work and of course, it is wonderful as usual. Congratulations on the move! I am happy to see that you have a studio for your most creative moments. Keep going and growing and I will keep checking.

Warm regards,


ju ju

Tue Sep 18 09:32:35 2012


Blake Ramsey
Thu Sep 6 21:02:33 2012

HEYYYY that is my papa walter!!! He looks mean in that picture but he is actuly really nice and funny. But he does not just dress western for fun he is a real cowboy and own many race horses!!

David Herrera
Sun Jun 10 18:31:25 2012


It was a pleasure meeting you and Christina.

Your pictures of Emilio came out so wonderful. They will be treasured.

Thank you,

David Herrera (Emilio's Uncle)
Tulalip, WA

Mon Nov 28 01:50:14 2011

Hi Tim,

I'm a Master's student at UNM studying the geologic evolution of landscapes on the Plains of NE New Mexico. It's really great to see how beautifully you've captured some of this region's iconic landforms...awesome.



Sat Nov 26 18:05:18 2011

This is my favorite blog of yours to date.... Such a sweet homage to our family gathering and our life together. xoxoxo!

Janice Morrow

Sun Oct 30 23:58:41 2011

Tim, thank you for the great review. I'm having a great time with it and I would be lying if I didn't admit to hoping for more than just a blog at some point!

I've shared your website on my blogroll. Northeast NM can always use good publicity and your site surely helps the cause!

Thanks again!

Sun Oct 30 12:53:00 2011

I love your review of Janice's blog. I agree with you on how enjoyable it is; her verbal imagery is wonderful and often witty.

Jim Morrow
Sat Oct 29 14:01:15 2011

Great article! I'm glad you mentioned Max Evans and his penning the term "Hi-Lo Country". I am a huge fan of his and have always thought it would be a great way of marketing the area by defining its terrain. The way I understand it, "Hi-Lo" was based on actual events in Des Moines and maybe Mount Dora?

Lisa Preston
Wed Sep 21 23:23:35 2011

Wonderful photos.

Sally Lemons

Mon Aug 29 10:04:58 2011

Oh my gosh, Tim! These pictures of the rodeo and bull ride are awesome! I did notice the guy sitting on the gate! Was wondering if HE landed on his feet! Great sequence! Love your photography! But you already know that!

Peter Burg

Sun Aug 28 11:37:13 2011

Catch, caught my eye...enjoyed all NY pics.

Sat Aug 20 16:58:57 2011

What a pleasure to view your photography! The new magazine is a work of art, it is appropriate that you have your photo journal. Poring over the pictures of the people and horses makes me miss my horse.

Mike Schoonover
Thu Jul 7 15:34:39 2011

No horses in New York city?

If you don't get a shot of a horse drawn carriage in Central Park then you might lose your "Cowpoke Card".

Whatever would you do with your hat?

Mon Jun 6 13:05:10 2011

Wow thats a great picture of Tess I wish she would take pictures like that all the time...this picture makes me smile. :)

Sat May 28 09:20:50 2011

Tim!!! Your photos are amazing! I am completely left-brained and have a near total lack of imagination and creativity but I know beautiful when I see it. Great work.

Thu Apr 21 06:05:12 2011

add to faves: the perigee moon behind the rock.

Thu Apr 21 06:03:39 2011


Stephen Williams
Sun Apr 17 04:20:51 2011

I enjoy so much seeing your images and reading your you know my love and respect for photography began as a photojournalist...and that remains.
For me though it's your writing along with the images that make what you do such a personel story of you and your subject.
I believe you approach life in the use of camera...with Reverence.That approach reminds me of how Ansel Adams communicated his respect for the medium...with Reverence and Grace.

Good Road my friend,
Stephen Williams

Merriall~your cuz
Sat Apr 16 12:16:01 2011

I've spent at least an hour looking at all the images you have here, and reading the narrative.
Fantastic, and very impressive.

Sue Fleming
Tue Feb 1 09:11:50 2011

Wow! Your work continues to amaze me. I absolutely love your abstract work.

Thank you for all you do for your students and the communities you support. Would you have time to teach a begining photography class?


Miss Lime Tailes
Sat Dec 11 16:24:21 2010

I really think that you take wonderful pictures, and know just when to capture the moment that offers the most life.

I'm glad I have you for a teacher, but I wish you would teach! a photography class too!

~ Tegan >:3

Cristy Brown

Sun Oct 31 09:14:49 2010

HI Tim,

Glad NM Magazine is allowing you to post your photos taken for them online (i.e. nice of them to let you have your photos) :) I was looking at their online version, came across the "Mancation" article and the picture of Harvey, Ryan and ? and Googled you. That led to perusing the website, when it dawned on me that I did indeed know you. When I saw the posts on Darien, I made a mental note to indeed purchase that issue of NM Magazine--So I guess it all just worked together in a big circle! Thanks for the snapshots of home!

Quincey Burkhalter
Fri Oct 15 11:31:56 2010

Good to see you are still working hard. I love looking at your photos. It's a window into who Tim is. Encompassing the natural light on a subject seems to be your strongest asset as a photog. Keep up the good work and I hope everything is going well schoolwise.

Gaye Brown
Wed Oct 6 06:56:05 2010

Good morning, Tim. I started a note once already this morning but somehow made it disappear. Just wanted to thank you for your photography. Someone asked last week if I missed NM and I replied that I didn't really miss it but did miss the people I knew there. Your photos reminded me that I really do miss so much about NM, not just folks like you and Chistina but the wonderful land, the horses and cattle, the sunsets and nighttime skies, the bigness of it all, and the sense that you never really knew what might come next. I don't know how to explain that last thing but there was a sort of adventurous quality to life there, and unexpectedness, that I don't experience here. And I miss that!

I've been busy with a garden, my orchard, and lots of stuff to can and preserve. Am dehydrating apples this week. Lost most of my pecan crop due to a very hot and dry summer, which is very disappointing since it looked like there would be many this year due to our early rains. No such luck.

And as of the first of September, I'm part time vicar at the little Episcopal church about ten minutes from my home. They are great people, and I'm really enjoying serving with them. Did my first Blessing of the Animals service on Saturday: only cats and dogs and one rabbit. I was hoping for something exotic to show up, or at least a horse or cow!

So, once again, thanks for the chance to revisit NM and to discover that I did leave a bit of my heart there! And congratulations on the good work you are doing and all the opportunities you are having to publish your work. Proud to know you!

Mike Schoonover
Mon Oct 4 15:42:22 2010

We've got a lot more photos coming!

Keep watching the website and the facebook page.

It takes a little while to get all these processed!

Fri Oct 1 19:36:40 2010

dont think eric and michelle were the only runners up capulin Hello done gone

Lori Coon
Fri Oct 1 14:54:21 2010

Hi Tim, Thank you for your write up on your blog (and newspaper) about the International Day of Peace Event. But a deeper thank you for being part of the event, supporting our programs and sharing yourself in the process! In peace, Lori

Yvonne O'Brien
Fri Sep 3 16:16:39 2010

Hi Tim,

First time I've looked through your blog. Christina had told me about the Taos church shot and it is wonderful. I'm writing about Adobe Lightroom-I have it but have not used it-but more importantly, a commercial photo friend of mine in KC really thinks it's more user-friendly and he loves it. (He does the ad work for Kendall-Jackson.) Good luck with everything.
P>S> I'm now also shooting Nikon. My son talked me into getting the D700, which he then gave me the lens for. He's been into Nikon digital for years.

Mon Jul 26 14:55:13 2010

Hey Tim,
Thanks for writing a message in my guestbook. I normally don't get very many messages. Again thanks and your site is looking good. See ya!

Tue Jun 15 13:16:59 2010

I spent some time viewing all the photos, they reminded me why I love New Mexico. I'm starting to get comments on the photos and web pages Mike did for me. Now I just need to finish the assignments he gave me!
Barbara - Heart's Desire

Pat Burnam

Sun May 16 21:14:26 2010

Tim, your b&W's are awesome. Please give my best to Leo and Mike: such unforgetable personalities! Again, I have spent a special evening with your many talents.

NEnng CHie
Sat Apr 24 16:26:26 2010

wow .... the picture is so cool ... I love you I want to learn as the result of his photographs have a beauty of a very good value ... when I taught?????????


Sat Apr 24 10:04:47 2010

Too untamed for women? Nice. I guess that didn't consider RANCH women!


Tue Apr 13 18:15:22 2010

HEY!! Ok this is... Interesting, coincidental whatever you want to call it; I read your article in Western Horseman, did some research and found out you live just down the road from me. Sheesh. I am really getting into photography this year, I will try and stop by Studio C asap!

Mike Schoonover
Mon Apr 5 22:40:40 2010

It has been pointed out, with biting humor, that a large percentage of profile pictures on the web are black and white and taken from a high angle. Black and white photos definitely have more depth of shadow while color often makes faces look like flattened blobs. Some more than others.

I, for one, prefer black and white. Now if I could just get that "pursed lip Jersey shore" pose down pat, I'd be gettin' all them girls...

Candy Colangelo
Wed Mar 31 16:58:35 2010

Hello..just wanted to say your photograohy is amazing and as a Native Ratonian you have captured the people and places of a little corner of heaven called Northern New Mexico.
Raton is my Hometown but grew up part of my life in Huntington Bch, CA but NM was always calling me home I visit every chance I get and hope to come home someday for the rest of my life. There is an old saying you can leave but you will always come back.
Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures
Candy Colangelo

Sat Feb 6 17:02:11 2010

Love the shot you call your last in a Taos Series. The clouds don't wait to be noticed.

Sun Jan 31 17:40:11 2010

Her name seemed to fit her, Coltrane, she was music to your ears, a companion to your soul, and a muse to the world around her. I know your heart is aching and you'll miss her for a long time, but the next time you're out hiking stop and stand still and listen and you'll hear her feet padding along with you....always. Susan Stone

Michael Jackson (ex-Tulsan)
Thu Dec 31 00:11:17 2009

Hi Tim,

Guess it's been about 20 years. Sorry we lost touch after I left the music video scene in Nashville. Lots has changed, but I was just reflecting and just decided to give a search for you.

I'm in Atlanta, still in the tv biz - just selling gear these days and editing for a hobby. Beautiful wife and 3 kids. Life's good.

Really like your pics, site and blog and have always enjoyed your music. Would love to catch up when you have time in the new year and hear what else is new with you.

With best regards,

Michael J.


Fri Nov 27 21:10:04 2009

That would be 'happy to Hear', not ear. Need to spend more time proofing! ;-)

Dot (and Mark)

Fri Nov 27 21:08:14 2009

Love the school portrait (We have LifeTouch in CT, too...and the free photo for teachers!) and am happy to ear that you are setting up a studio for portraits. Can't wait to see what comes out of it. Best to you and Christina - hope you had a wonderful T'giving.


Sun Nov 22 18:03:20 2009


Thats my favorite site

Sun Nov 22 12:58:36 2009

I love it.... and I see the flip..... looking forward to working abstracts again. You inspire me.

Jon Cornick
Mon Sep 28 19:18:18 2009

What an honor it is to have you photographing the second annual Capulin Half Marathon and 5K. The art of capturing and relaying emotion is a skill that can't be taught, it must be found. You've found it Tim. Thanks again for shooting the race and I'll never again mistake you for a dead deer in the middle of the road.

Gail Christian
Sat Sep 26 15:07:51 2009

Just looking through an old magazine, and
found the article on the cattle drive. You
may have heard of my nephew Clifford Gilbert.
He kinda started that Amistad ranch. I think
his son John still runs it. I have been on
that Johnson Mesa with his dad Harold Gilbert
when he was brand inspector.

Well I'll go for now. Enjoyed your article
As Always
Gail Christian

Mike Schoonover
Tue Sep 22 20:02:02 2009

On September 22, 2009 appeared as entry number seven on the front page of Google for the generic search term "Tim Keller".

I have emailed a screen capture to you - you should get it tomorrow. As your competitor for that search term occupies the first several pages, this is quite an accomplishment.

Tue Sep 22 15:19:27 2009

You had some amazing images entered in the show. I enjoyed each of them and am inspired by your landscape work especially. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Stone
Tue Sep 15 05:30:00 2009

This is one of my favorite abstract images in your galleries, the colors and diagonal composition work so well. Back to the junkyard.....

Victoria Baker
Tue Sep 1 18:31:03 2009

Tim-- Your website is great! It really shows off your talent.


Sun Aug 16 23:16:23 2009

Tim, your images are divine!! I enjoyed each one. You are a lucky and talented man.


Sat Aug 8 11:14:41 2009

I love the image link back to the galleries in this blog update. You've done a great job. Congratulations!


Sat Jul 4 10:17:56 2009

Congratulations! It's a wonderful thrill to see your artistry receive such high praise.

Sat Jul 4 08:18:06 2009

Your website is looking good. It's moving up higher in Google and you have a lot of interesting stuff on here. We are having a good time in Houston and I am working on my own website. Well see ya!


Sun Jun 14 14:53:30 2009

Seeing all that open space in so many thoughtful photos makes me want to be there. Maybe next spring we could take a driving trip to your part of the world, that is if you're around.

I too, love photography, but certainly haven't taken it to the level you have. I have a little Canon 850IS.

The Schoonies
Sat May 23 13:55:55 2009

The boys and I are lunching at the Danielson Cafe, having just visited your showing at the Mitchell. Very nice work, on your part as well as the Mitchell's.

I still feel that "Distance" is your finest. Of course, that's the one hanging in my house!

Anne Norvell

Thu May 14 19:02:21 2009

Congratulations, Tim. It looks like an elegant venue and your work is stark just like the country around Raton/Trinidad/Des Moines. I hope to see them in person next time I come to Raton.
your big fan Anne

Janice Morrow
Sun May 10 07:45:53 2009

Hi Tim! So sorry we missed the opening but can't wait to get to the Mitch to see it in person. I'll be taking my husband and father-in-law, Cody and Tim Morrow, epecially! I really think they'll be pleased to see the ranch displayed so beautifully (beside the fact that we're all happy to see Chato, late Sen. Johnny Morrow's horse, captured in "Lee")! Thanks for displaying this often forgotten corner of the state in such a special way.

Dot and Mark in CT
Sat May 9 18:51:56 2009

Wow, Tim! I sure wish we could have made it to your opening. The photos look great and the gallery is amazing! I noticed my favorite old house front and center in one of your shots. Glad it was such a wonderful evening for you. Hi to Christina and the dogs! We miss NM!!

Dot ;-)

Jay Mueller
Sat May 9 17:00:49 2009


I knew you were going to have a show, but I have to tell you it's really exciting to see it all set up with your prints hanging. Congrats on your continued success!



Pam (Pavonne

Sat May 9 16:00:42 2009

Hey Tim, This is gorgeous. You are really doing a lot with your photography and I am proud of you. Keep going... I'm waiting for the day that I can go to a museum in California, New York, or whereever and find your work. This cyber tour was pretty cool and the display looks good. Keep it up!


Sat May 9 12:28:52 2009

Way to go Tim......Looks marvelous


Sat May 9 12:14:28 2009

I love this cyber tour of the show. It is a wonderful show and highly recommended for real time visiting. If you can get to the museum do it!


Sat May 9 12:02:01 2009

A hobby turning into another profession. And happiness too! What more could one ask. Proud of you. Keep up the great work in all of your endeavors.

Ken Beck
Sat May 9 11:04:11 2009

I happened on your flikr site and then to your webpage because I was checking out the upcoming antique barbwire show there. I'm looking for an artistic place to relocate when I retire that isn't to big. I've got to get out of California......
Your Photography is very GOOD

Mike Schoonover
Sat May 9 10:35:42 2009

Looks like a great display! I would say the Mitchell is a fine achievement - a definite milestone. Good work!

Sat May 9 10:14:33 2009

Tim, the evening was really special, a grand re-opening experience for all of us who love and appreciate the Mitch. Your photos evoke much more than mere recognition of people, places, and things. They touch the heart, the emotions, evoking an emotional, philosophical response. Thanks for your perspective, talent, and vision!

Thu Apr 30 15:41:21 2009

Your photos are a treat.

Have you spoken to the Mitchell about updating their online events schedule...?

(Found your site searching for Gallery C info.)

Ray Banfield

Tue Apr 21 12:35:43 2009

I remember when I commented on your first photo in PN. You have gone a long way in a short period of time. Your website rocks!

Mike Schoonover
Fri Apr 17 11:20:20 2009

Someone once told me (not so long ago) that all the pictures had already been taken. Your new photo "Lee" stands in testament to the opposite.

Mike Schoonover
Sun Mar 29 14:10:36 2009

My folks attended the Grand Derangement concert and had a blast! They picked up a Shuler brochure at the "A Christmas Carol" play and quickly seized upon the Celtic theme of the band. Their attendance of the play was their first time at the Shuler, which lead to their next. Now they wish to become members. How to get people to take the first step - that is the question!

Hunter Schoonover

Wed Mar 11 18:36:30 2009

Hey Tim, whats up. I've been looking at your website a lot. It's pretty cool.

Susan Stone
Sat Feb 28 08:05:21 2009

Hola Amigo...I'm absolutely amazed by what you've accomplished, photographically, in the last year since we "met" on PN, the writing and music are natural extentions of your talents....when do you find time to teach?! I still hope to get down your way for a visit one of these days. I've moved and am enrolled in the Photograpic Communications program at Northwest College here in Powell Wy, and loving being a student, who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! Well done my friend.....Susan

Tim Reyes
Sat Feb 14 15:52:29 2009


Echoing the words of others, you have a very nice web site for presenting your fine work. My mother Beatrice Ann Trujillo was born in Capulin in 1920 and is the daughter of a Martinez from Folsom-Des Moines. My Great Grandfather Hermenegildo Trujillo and his sons homesteaded upon Torres Mesa overlooking Johnson Park in the 1890s. In 2005 I was last in the area site-seeing, researching. It is truly a great landscape and historically, just as remarkable.


Patty Romero
Tue Dec 16 13:23:14 2008

I read your article in the Raton Range and found it to be very interesting. Also a very nice web-site. Maybe after christmas I will look into purchasing the pictures of the horses near my grandma's ranch. Hope all is going well.
Patty Romero
(Lisa Martinez's Grandaughter)

Pat Burnam
Mon Dec 15 22:55:52 2008

Tim, thanks for sharing your talents and soul with such diversity and symmetry, simplicity and depth. During our time at RHS, I suspected you would surprise me (as with the cd), but I did not know just how complex you really are. Your website is a fitting tribute to your many talents; your photos help me remember why I love NM; your willingness to share is a tribute to your character and virtue. I am so proud to be included in your circle. Happy Holidays! Pat

Dick Armstrong
Mon Dec 15 19:26:54 2008


Congratulations on a very beautiful and professional site. I enjoy seeing your world through your eyes and look forward to watching your growth continue.

Best wishes and happy holidays!


Angela Garcia Lucero
Sun Dec 14 15:46:16 2008

Tim - this was my first time to visit your website.....WOW!!!!! enough said.

Sat Dec 13 15:59:09 2008

I love your St. Anthony blog entry. The wonderful gift of your images returned to you and the final word. Believe.

Merriall K. Rosa
Fri Dec 12 23:05:54 2008

Hi, Timmy:
I love your photos. Very professional. You designed the website? I'm very impressed. I'll check out the magazine, too. I am still reading the poetry, and enjoy it. The one about your Mom was very touching.
Your Cuz.,

Alix King

Fri Dec 12 06:02:41 2008

Gorgeous website, Tim. Well designed and easy to navigate. Bravo! You are growing in leaps and bounds. My best to you. Alix

Matt Laur

Mon Dec 8 11:23:41 2008

I really admire how energetically you've jumped off of the web publishing cliff, Tim. Presenting your excellent work within your own universe here is an important step. The medium really suits your multiple interests and talents. Just remember to come up for air once in a while!



Sat Dec 6 09:35:26 2008

Thanks for the suggestion, Janice. I'm still learning all this html code, but I'd just learned how to link a blog item straight to a display window, so your timing's good: it's a done deal.

Janice Morrow

Sat Dec 6 09:21:11 2008

Congrats on the public art install nomination! How about a link to the selected photos... I found Distance but I don't see Raton Junkyard 18 on the site.

Can't wait to pick up "Bringing Up The Rear" late next week!


Old Friends Lew @ Adrienne
Tue Dec 2 15:54:56 2008

Great work. Thanks for sharing the site with us. You live in a beautiful part of the country and you have photographed it beautifully. Keep up the great work.
Lew and Adrienne

Mon Dec 1 12:39:19 2008

I am immensely proud of your work as a photographer. What's more, I am inspired by how naturally you've found your groove. I hope to follow in your footsteps one day.

With love,

Sun Nov 30 17:33:49 2008

The site is awesome and beautifully organized. The photos are great. Keep up the great work. Glad to see that Terry has seen the site.

Dot - Flickr friend
Sun Nov 30 10:20:00 2008

Hey Tim,

I found the link to the webpage on your flickr stream and just had to check it out. It's amazing! The hours spent on it are all worthwhile and showcase your awesome photos to perfection! I just wish I had a friend nearby who would do the same for me! Someday...

Looking forward to visiting your beloved NM in the spring!

Dot in CT

Mike Schoonover
Sun Nov 30 07:51:12 2008

The buzz is great! I can't wait for your article in Western Horseman to hit the stands. Can you post information in your blog about how to order a single copy if that can be done? I'm betting a lot of your fans would like such a thing.

Sat Nov 29 18:40:13 2008

Hey cousin, Photos are great! Glad you are enjoying the new camera. Enjoy the holidays and will write in length later.

Fri Nov 28 17:21:13 2008

Congratulations Tim on a beautiful site, you know how I love photography and I enjoy seeing this beautiful country through another photographers eyes. I still have a lot to learn and will take critiques on my work from you anytime, you have a wonderful gift.


Fri Nov 28 15:44:56 2008

No, Terry, that grasshopper jumped up there for me all by himself. You have an eagle eye.

your brother
Fri Nov 28 14:54:06 2008

Wow, great stuff Tim. The site is fantastic. Did you put the grasshopper on the Blue Cadillacs bumper?

Frankie P
Fri Nov 28 12:03:53 2008

That jumble would be pinon. Tilde troubles.

Frankie P
Fri Nov 28 12:02:22 2008

Terrifico Teo! Your artistry has trebled and octupled, I'm awed and admirable. The pictorials of the NM experience are as palpable as pinon smoke.

Will share your site with my photo cronies and proudly allow that you're a dear friend of 30 years +



Glen's Pics
Fri Nov 28 11:43:26 2008

Congratulations Tim. This is a beautiful website. As with your photography it is done with great care, creativity and attention to detail. Good luck in this venture.

Fri Nov 28 11:37:48 2008

Spectacular site; beautifully organized, easy to navigate, and a grand manifestation of your talent from your heart behind the lens. Will happily share with friends. Thank you for adding such beauty to our world.

Fri Nov 28 10:22:09 2008

Wonderful, Tim! Congratualations on the web site. I'm so pleased that you have found your "calling" and glad that is it being so rewarding. And that you are sharing your work so publically so that all can be touched by the beauty of each photo. Thank you!

studioc at
Thu Nov 27 19:06:01 2008

Congratulations!!! Your new website is just gorgeous. Your images are stunning. Thanks for hanging your first photography show at Studio C ~ArtSpace & Gallery here in Des Moines, New Mexico. Kudos to your web-master Mike Schoonover.


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