Darcy, "The Darcy Songs"

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All photography by Tim Keller, ©1995, 2016
(except Greenwich Village photo courtesy Darcy Keller)

The Darcy Songs

A collection of songs Tim wrote for his daughter Darcy as she was growing up, plus two songs sung here by Darcy, at age 13, which she wrote, giving Tim a co-writing credit.

The songs are "Made Out of Me" and "Homework" by Darcy, plus Tim singing his "Do You Believe," "Darcy's Song," "Mister Moon Has a Smile," and "Leaving Home."

Four songs were recorded at the Little Miracles sessions, including "Leaving Home" and a hidden track. Three songs came from Tim's first two albums. Released on cassette with graphics, The Darcy Songs is also available on a CD without graphics.

A small delight.

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Made Out of Me Listen
Homework Listen
Do You Believe Listen
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Leaving Home Listen
Mister Moon Has a Smile Listen
Darcy's Song Listen





Darcy, swing, Canoncito, New Mexico c1987


Darcy, Serafina

Made Out of Me

Darcy and Tim Keller
Lincoln National Forest, Southern New Mexico, March, 1995

If I keep knocking myself
How can it get better?
There’s always somebody else
Who’s got it together
My hair is too thin
My ears are too funny
But there’s no trading them in
Cause I’m not made out of money

Cause I’m not made to be made out of things that you see
The river is deeper than it seems to be
Looks are not everything
I’m made out of me

Am I talking too much?
Or am I too moody?
Were you expecting as much?
I’m no raving beauty
But here is my face
You can take it or leave it
It’s not out of place
Now I’ll learn to believe it

Cause I’m not made to be made out of things that you see
The river is deeper than it seems to be
Looks are not everything
I’m made out of me

Ooooh, ooooh, that’s what I am
Ooooh, ooooh, what do you see?
Ooooh, ooooh, the way I am?
Ooooh, ooooh, made out of me

Cause I’m not made to be made out of things that you see
The river is deeper than it seems to be
Looks are not everything
I’m made out of me

Looks are not everything
I’m made out of me

©1995, 2020 Darcy Day Publishing (BMI)



Darcy and Tim Keller
Dallas, December, 1990

We pulled up in the driveway, just got home from school
Taylor’s got a hot tub, Katie’s got a pool
We ride our bikes together, we’re gonna go get wet
Until I hear my mommy call, we can’t get wet yet
Cause, I got...

Homework, homework, yucky stinky homework
Homework, homework, what worse thing could there be
Homework, homework, it hurts my head inside
If I said that I like homework, then I guess I must have lied

Taylor keeps on calling, Katie wants to play
I am doing homework, what else can I say
Do woodpeckers get headaches from knocking on a tree
Homework is like headaches, it will be the death of me
Cause, I got...


I’ve been doing homework for such a long long time
If they ever make me queen, it will be a crime
To give the kids this homework and expect it to be done
Cause when we’re old we’ll have to work
So now let’s have some fun
And, no more...


©1995, 2020 Darcy Day Publishing (BMI)







Darcy studies The Beatles

Homework: Darcy studies the Beatles


Darcy, Canoncito

Do You Believe

You were pushing two years old and I was pushing out
You were full of family, I was full of doubt
You were such a miracle, you taught me to believe
And I believed in both of us, that’s why I had to leave

Do you believe in the light even when the sun is gone?
Do you believe every bird should be free?
Do you believe in the power of a song?
Do you believe in me?

A pretty picture was our life, and pictures don’t complain
No one was supposed to look beyond the picture frame
Your mother was a pretty wife upon a battlefield
Who covered up the wounds of war and so they never healed
And I was just a vagabond become a refugee
I know if you could that you would try to harbor me
But your room was not big enough to hide a soldier on reprieve
And so I had to go alone and pray that you’d believe


Honey, I have found much more than harbor from the war
I have learned to climb until I spy some distant shore
When I’m pierced by missing you, I dance upon the knife
And I put frames on pictures, but not upon my life
You live on a tidy street and I must live apart
But I believe your dancing feet are wildness in your heart
Back when you were pushing two and I was full of grief
You taught me a miracle, the power of belief


©1987, 1995, 2020 Darcy Day Publishing (BMI)

Leaving Home

There are a million things that I like to do
One of them is sitting still
I’d do it forever, but then I could never
See from the top of that hill
You are my blood and you want to know how
To find the strength to go your own way
Trust every step, and always let yourself
Listen when your heart starts to say

There’s a billion people in China
Paintings I have never seen in Rome
So many things to do, always something new
But first you’ve got to learn leaving home
First you’ve got to learn leaving home

There is an Irish saint, I can’t recall her name
Let’s call her Saint Wanderlust
She protects people who love too well
Wanderers all, just like us
My love is living in Texas
My heart is set on New Mexico
So many places, so many new faces
So many people I want to know


You are your very own best friend
Most people never learn to be alone

Wanderlust told me you’re gonna get lonely Traipsing around on your own
If you’ve got to have it, develop the habit
You’ve got my travelin’ bones
Your mother’s still in front of the mirror
Your friends are still stuck on the phone
You’re going nowhere til you get up and go there
Sometimes you just go it alone


©1995, 2020 Darcy Day Publishing (BMI)

 Darcy, home in Greenwich Village 2005

Darcy, home in Greenwich Village, December 2005

 Capulin Volcano moonrise Mr. Moon Has a Smile

Mister Moon has a smile when the children sleep tight
So pull up the covers and sleep through the night
When you close your eyes, such a pretty sight
Mister Moon has a smile when you turn out the light

Go to bed now, close your eyes
You’re gonna get a big surprise
Mister Moon is full, about your size
Slip into a dream and up you’ll rise


Close your eyes, ride a balloon
Climb a cloud, Rocky Raccoon
Munch a bunch, a bunch of Lorna Doones
Shimmy with the cow when she jumps the moon


Close your eyes, wiggle your toes
Scratch your back, tickle your nose
Sleepy little eyes start to close
Mister Moon has a smile when you start to doze


All the little kids are fast asleep
(Slow to fall but fast asleep!)
Eyes are closed, dreams are deep
And now Mister Moon has a promise to keep


©1987, 1995, 2020 Darcy Day Publishing (BMI)

Darcy's Song

Outside the swing is swinging
From a tree whose leaves are clinging
To the only sort of mother
Those leaves have ever known
The autumn wind is bringing in
The sound of one bird singing
The empty nest of autumn
The fledglings that have flown

Woodsmoke warming me
Blows from the chimney to the tree
And to the branch that holds the swing
The branch will soon be bare
Steam comes from this coffee cup
As thoughts of summer warm me up
I see the swing and hear her voice
It fills the autumn air

She’d say “Daddy, let’s walk to the creek
I want to get mud in my feet
And when we hear the train come
Can we wave at the engineer?
Can you push me on the swing?
Can we sing that song again?
Can we call coyotes?
Do you think they will hear?”

Darcy, can you see
What you mean to me
You’re the light comes in the morning
You’re the laughter without warning
You’re the only glow that’s in my eye
The only good that’s in goodbye
You’re all that I can say
And then you’re more

As Billy cinched the saddle down
I watched your face lit up spellbound
You sat on top of Jesse
Like Jesse was the world
As we rode our red arroyos
Of the Ojo de la Vaca
You turned with the reminder
“Daddy, I’m your girl,”

Well, these seasons won’t stop turning
And my heart won’t stop yearning
For our Cañoncito summer
When we had each other near
Now look, here’s November
But always I’ll remember
The joy that I found in your voice
The time when you were here

repeat choruses

©1987, 1995, 2020 Darcy Day Publishing (BMI)

 Darcy and dad Tim Keller, Serafina, New Mexico c1989

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