Karma Tenzing Wangchuk
Mon Aug 24 14:20:19 2020

Thanks for the good article and photographs about my dear friend and once-upon-a-time drinking buddy, Ol' Max Evans.

Kevin Jones
Thu Feb 7 11:46:41 2019

Hey Tim! The rumors of my demise are an exaggeration! I'm still kicking. Living in Ojai, CA. Please email me if you get this message. Would love to catch up! Take care, Kevin

Vernon Andrew Hughes

Sun Nov 25 21:34:38 2018

Sidewalk Surfing [ & Modern Art ] is all what I do !
( TOP STYLE !! )

Bill Nash
Wed Jul 18 19:46:53 2018

Tim, thanks for your blog about Tom... I thought of you several times the night we did the tribute show. I thought about working up "Across the Borderland" for the show (since Tom love to play it and tell people about you), but I ran out of time. We ended up raising over $700 to donate to the WhyHunger organization (started by Tom and my favorite songwriter of all time... Harry Chapin!) and everyone seemed to enjoy the show very much. There are two videos out on YouTube already from the show... I hope you can check them out.

Love to you and yours,

Bill Nash

Roland Brown
Wed Jan 24 12:27:10 2018

Thanks for such a recognizable verbal portrait of our friend Tom. Truly a giant of a human being who "walked softly and carried a big heart" (to misquote a former prez). What an impact he had.

W. Gaye Brown

Mon Jan 22 13:35:42 2018

nice tribute, Tim. Sorry I didn't ever meet him!

Emilie Aronson
Mon Jan 22 10:48:11 2018

What a wonderful tribute to an amazing and brilliant man, who was a friend to us all. Thanks, Tim

Linda Silas
Mon Jan 22 10:11:01 2018

Dearest Tim, thank you for this. You have older stories of Tom than anyone else has told. And I LOVE that turkey photo! I have posted the link on my FB Page for others to read.

Sun Jul 30 19:21:08 2017

Mr. Cornay I met your grandmother BeBe at a concert in Taos NM. She is so proud of your work as well as you dads.. And now I understand why. I absolutely love your pencil ART.. BeBe has such a beautiful soul, she told me a lot of stories about Folsom.. Rich History.. God Bless you sir..

Susan Huyck
Sat Jul 15 18:05:28 2017

Hi, Tim,

Once in a while I check up and see what you're doing. It's great that you are true to your art. I remember West Virginia days fondly.

Done Gone!
Love, Suesan

Gordon Couger
Fri May 12 22:51:55 2017

Hi Tim,
I am about 6 or 7 years younger than your dad. Sorry we were too busy making a living to take care of politics and left this mess for you all to clean up. It doesn't matter if your Democrat, GOP or Intendant, we screwed them all up.

I like your work. Great Pix and writing.

I picked up your story "On telling Stories with a Camera" in Ranch & Reata Magazine. Your tales and pix cover a lot of the world grew up and worked in all my life. Then followed it to your blog.

Reading April 15, 2017 "The Texas Panhandle",it seems like a few guy in Lubbock could meet where the pigeons roost late in the afternoon or just before dawn with shotguns and fix that problem. They can't kill them all but the pigeons will sure quit roosting all in the same place.

I am sorry to see Raton dying like the rest of the small Western towns are. I don't expect many folks stop on their way back and forth to Colorado. There too many like my wife in hurry to get where she is going so she can read her book or watch TV. She did see anything all exciting about the drive from Santa Fe to Lubbock through Ft Sumter, Clovis, Mule Shoe and Little Field to look at her farm. When we finished the dive back to Oklahoma though Amarillo I couldn't get her to by The Adobe Walls to drive the almost all Western history in two days.

Her farm is the Yellow House Ranch the South Headquarters for the XIT Ranch. She doesn't get that kind of history it needs a crown or something. I knew people that made it and she dose too.

Please keep making pictures of it and telling its story.

Tue Feb 14 13:46:20 2017

i am proud to say that, that man is my grandpa. i haven't seen him in a long time but i remember when i was little he used to take me to run cattle with him and my dad.

Sharon Hyland
Thu Jan 19 11:54:59 2017

Fun doc on Showtime! The hub (no slouch in the skateboard dept) and I smiled throughout! Bravo!

Natalie Krishna Das
Wed Jan 11 12:05:12 2017

Hey Guys,
I just watched the Palisades movie last night. It was awesome. I'm a good friend of Patti McGee and was stoked to see her cameo.

We are throwing an event in Phoenix, AZ on March 11-12. There will be an old school skate swap and lots of other fun stuff. It would be rad if you had a booth there or even if you guys just came to enjoy the skate fest. Check it out here. Http://www.phxskatercon.com

Elaine Wade

Mon Dec 12 22:38:49 2016

Love this lady!

rick fine
Thu Jun 9 11:44:54 2016


whats your number i grew up in the Marquez Knolls from 1965 on, I want to add some things to the record, this stuff is great!
thanks for the work youve done


Sun May 15 13:40:19 2016

I love to travel through you vicariously!
Sand skiing ! How fun

Sun May 8 13:17:35 2016

Beautiful picture of the wild horses
Your lucky to have see them

Tony Altar
Thu Apr 21 15:05:09 2016

What a great site, so important to preserve and continue the tradition. At the same time, I was at Paul Revere with the other bunch (Torger Johnson, John Freis, Danny Bearer, David Ellis), and Mark Renneker at Uni High where I went all 3 summers. With the worlds first batch of polyurethane wheels in 1966, and on the C&D Skateboard Team, I competed successfully in Anaheim too, and Venice/Santa Monica. Now I'm living in Washington and am on the DC Wheels skateboard team, we're doing a demo Saturday. More to come!
Tony Altar Pali Hi 1969

Sat Apr 2 07:20:23 2016


John Deaner
Sat Feb 20 21:46:39 2016

The Browns, glad to see your still there. Was at the ranch back in the 50s with my Dad to buy some feeder cattle. (Shorthorns) John

Catherine J. Moser
Sun Jan 17 14:50:42 2016

This travelogue is a masterful series presented by a master storyteller and photographer %E2%80%94 such a delightful read! I can hardly wait to see what new adventures Tim will find to take us on. What a wonderful way to capture the interesting and exciting history of this area that we all love so much! THANK YOU, Tim Keller... HAPPY TRAILS, MY GOOD FRIEND!

Mon Oct 5 16:14:18 2015

will you be interested in taking my senior pics?

Guy Solano
Tue Sep 22 11:25:04 2015

Thanks Tim....We like your comments and all others opinions...keep it up... Guy Solano " Got Beans ? "

Tue Sep 1 15:23:07 2015

Enjoyed your site and music selections, Tim. Pleasure to meet and chat with you last month in Trinidad at the art walk.
Ed Shaw (vimeo.com/edshaw)

Michael Douglas
Sun Aug 2 20:06:52 2015

Thanks for the great blog -- though I was only 4 in 1965, I always love to read about the Sixties, especially in the Palisades. Bill, Kim and I send our best to you, Terry and Jack. We will always hold your family, and your wonderful mother Joan, in our hearts. Our folks, Jack & Carol, truly counted Joan & Jack as their very best friends from Palmera onward. All my best,
Mike Douglas (the youngest, but now 54!)

Cousin Merriall
Wed Jun 3 17:18:47 2015

So many wonderful memories of Joan, Jack, you and Terry. Staying with Aunt Fran on Oaklawn Road, your Mom and Dad in the Palisades, beach-time, Santa Monica Pier, So much more. Joan is at peace, now.
What a gental soul.
Love and light to you all.

Tue Jun 2 02:04:20 2015

Thanks for the flashback! I grew up in Pacific Palisades on Las Pulgas in the 50's and 60's. A great skateboarding hill, although I left plenty of skin on the Pali High parking lot too. I remember Chris Picciolo as a mop-headed little kid, but I guess it's not bragging if you can do it.....Hope he ended up better than Torger. I still miss my Hobie waffle board that my mom gave away to a friend!

Napa, CA

Chris L.
Sat Apr 18 15:12:32 2015

Hi Tim, I found your website while searching for info on COLLEGE RECORDS in Northridge. I hung out in that store as a kid for years. Was wondering if you were there when Jon and Barry and Ron Burla? And do you have any pictures of the store.



Nice work, blog, btw.

David Runnels
Sun Mar 22 14:40:11 2015

Beautiful lyrics, great music, and a good man behind it. Love Love Love it!

Fri Mar 13 16:46:24 2015


Larry Steveson of MAKAHA put the whole contest together in order to FIND someone to represent MAKAHA. The FIRST TWO riders were MYSELF and JOHN FRIES. WE were given the task to locate other riders to start the Makaha Exhibition Team. Check your old SURF-GUIDES or Sports Illustrated or LIFE magazine. Torger, Trafton, Woody, Scott Archer, KERRY SPENCER were the first ones. Yes, Danny and Bruce came along later with Gregg carrol. "Palisades" got the PRESS because the photographers and editors all lived around that area and promoted their hometown kids.
Check TV NEWS SHOWS, Tom Brokow and RALPH STORY'S LOS ANGELES etc. Sorry for pointing out what is the true chronological facts - but some of Your Stars were no where around in the 60's first start of notoriaty. Bruce Logan was the best - but certainly I never saw Brian at any shows we put on for MAKAHA. Danny too was also the best, for sure... but got somewhat fuzzy with accomplishments towards the end. Almost expected him to be the FIRST on the MOON according to some ways he told it...

Could'nt help myself pointing this out - starting to really bug me seeing "Johnny Come Lately" et all altering history to insert their selves with non-true timeline..




Wed Mar 11 17:51:16 2015

Hey Dash!

I'm here! Two flights of steps below. Will be thrilled to get back upstairs. In the meantime, come down and see me sometime!

Jerome Wheeler
Sun Mar 1 06:29:48 2015

Hey Tim, just for future reference the painting JD Chatfield is standing next to, on the painting the town project in mosquero, was painted by me. Along with another ten or so paintings on those walls that I personally painted.

Dennis Ogden
Wed Feb 25 14:57:32 2015

Glad to grow up in Palisades during that skateboarding era. Our family had just moved backk to California from Washington State in 1963 when I was 10 years old. Our first next door neighbors at the Ford's (family friends) house in Marquez had some surfers a couple years older and I knew that's what I wanted to do. Started surfing at Sate beach around 65. Burgess pool company Skateboards were so cool when they came out. Good luck!

Frank Bolek
Thu Feb 19 17:30:28 2015

I recently purchased 3 signed un-numbered old prints.One is entitled" late for supper",another"just a little country show" and the third"oh for the things of an Angel" Could you tell me when these were produced?


Mon Dec 8 07:09:50 2014

I remember you, Paul. Good to hear from you. The premiere is already full but DVDs should be available soon. Maybe Don will book another showing, too. I'll keep the "Skateboarding's First Wave" page updated with news. Thanks.

Paul Courtemanche
Mon Dec 8 01:41:31 2014

Grew up in yhe Palisades during that great time,and knew every one of the skaters, would love to see the film how can i get tickets for the december premiere

Arline Tepper
Sun Aug 17 18:09:59 2014

I grew up in the Palisades (Riviera section) in the '50's and '60's. I remember seeing a skateboard movie at the old Bay Theater called Skater Dater. Think it must have been in the late'50's or so. Does anyone remember that movie?

Kiki Cayton
Sun Aug 17 17:28:51 2014

I loved this article and can't wait till the movie comes out! I also grew up in the Palisades in the 50' and 60's and live down in North County San Diego for the last 35 years. I grew up going to Sand and Sea club my whole childhood and have so many great memories of surfing and also skaeboarding with my rollerskake wheels on a piece of wood. My Dad was from Hawaii originally and we spend many summers over there and at Outrigger Canoe Club. Great trip down memory lane. Thank you so so much!!!

Gary Hill
Tue Aug 12 19:31:46 2014

As far as history goes, I "founded" the Imperial Skateboard club though Gregg was certainly there and intimately a part of the genesis along with Michael Mel. Anyway, its nice that Brian Logan adjusted the historical process here--who knows who started skateboarding. I do know that Skaterdater was directed by Noel Back and produced by Marshal Backlar which was the first commercial skateboard movie made and went on to win the Palme d'Or for Best Short Film at the 1966 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for an academy award. Many more stories but that's enough for now...


Sun Jul 20 22:38:01 2014

Tim, I lost 3 parent in 3 years- too much grief- too much booze. Please forgive me for my last letter- wasted! Too embarrassed At the end of the day, I will always love you.
Thanks for the memories :)


Sun Jul 20 22:26:29 2014

Your first English class in college was sooo
easy for you and then there was journalism. Ten minutes you were done. Writing was always inside of you. Glad you finally made peace with being an "artist"! The world is better off for your contributions. Ramblin boy you did it!

Sun Jun 8 20:22:25 2014

Sometime around 1964, give or take a few years, I was doing hand stands on my skateboard in the upper parking lot at Palisades High, after doing it for hours my arms weakened and gave out, I ended up scraping my face along the asphalt for about 10 feet until I finally flipped over, I was stuck with my chest on the board.
Someone was there with an 8 mm camera and filmed the entire thing, if anyone has that film I would love to see it.
I ended up with a big scab under my right eye about 3 inches long and 2 inches wide. Talk about Pain!
I would love to hear from you.

Suzie rowland Levin
Sun Jun 8 18:33:30 2014

Just connected with these articles which are so much fun to read. A blast from the past. Someone posted them on Facebook, so glad I found them. I actually still have the patch from my old jacket for la Femme skateboard team, another offshoot team for the girls, Colleen, Donna, Wendy and myself. Fun times,thanks for bringing them back.

Christina Brown
Tue Mar 18 17:19:18 2014

Hi Tim, This is Ruth Brown's sister Chris in Chimayo, I just talked with her Sunday & she shared all the wonderful events that have been happening at the coffee shop and how perfectly everything worked out for Miriam. What a good artist for one so young! Glad you are part of promoting Raton and the area, what a New Mexico diamond in the rough it is. Perhaps we'll meet sometime, I need to get over there for a visit SOON! Also enjoy your pieces in NM Mag. Sounds like an exciting, inspiring St. Paddy's Weekend!

Christina Brown
Tue Mar 18 17:19:17 2014

Hi Tim, This is Ruth Brown's sister Chris in Chimayo, I just talked with her Sunday & she shared all the wonderful events that have been happening at the coffee shop and how perfectly everything worked out for Miriam. What a good artist for one so young! Glad you are part of promoting Raton and the area, what a New Mexico diamond in the rough it is. Perhaps we'll meet sometime, I need to get over there for a visit SOON! Also enjoy your pieces in NM Mag. Sounds like an exciting, inspiring St. Paddy's Weekend!

John keifer
Mon Jan 20 00:31:07 2014

Great article Grew up in palisades. .knew most of guys from surfing..sad news though Danny Bearer passed away few days ago RIP

Stuart Smith
Sun Jan 19 20:11:46 2014


Thanks for the great article. We were Boy Scouts together in troop 400. With Scott Johnson, Dave and Tom Sears and others. We also went to Paul Revere at the same time. I found this article on Facebook where I have found many old friends.
Stuart Smith

Brian Logan

Sun Jan 19 15:31:28 2014

Although I enjoy reading your take on all the Palisades stories and how your part of the L.A. area was formed, I was one of the kids from other areas of L.A. beach city areas and we started at or about or maybe even sooner then people from the Palisades area but I am not going to dispute that but no one knows for sure in what area or city or who was the first skateboarder. There are even pictures of kids in books that had some kind of skateboard contraption back as far the the 1920's. I do know that the modern era of skateboarding started between Palos Verdes and Santa Monica/Palisades area in the very late 50's very early 1960's. Oh and to the guy that talked about Skatedater, that was Gregg Carroll and his Imperial Skateboard Team out of Torrance that made that movie and Colleen Boyd was not in it and the Imperial Team got to make that movie because their team was the overall winning team in the 1964 Santa Monica Championships and to the guy that said Tom Sims started the urethane wheel, NO WAY that was a guy by the name of Frank Nasworthy out of Encinitas Ca.Cadillac Wheels so much wrong information out there, but I do like your Palisades stories, all these stories and our own from the South Bay area of the late 50's and 60's are very important for history! LoganEarthSki.com for more skate history

Maura O'Connor
Sun Jan 19 14:03:40 2014

Nice to see this article and know that someone is documenting a very special place and time. The Palisades Story is one of kind. I was very close friends with Wendy Bearer and Melissa Berg. Torger and Danny B. were both like brothers to me. Thanks!

Ali Lexa
Sat Jan 18 13:25:46 2014

Hi great article. I look forward to reading more about this history. I grew up in skating during the transition from clay to urethane wheels, and used to work at the Con surf shop on Pico. I knew Colleen Boyd. I actually still have the fiberglass Hobie skateboard she gave me in the 70's. There was a movie called "Skater dater" (I think) from that era. I believe she was in it. Were any of the other people you mentioned in it?

Allen Donald Robert Garcia Baca

Tue Dec 31 22:16:04 2013

Today I saw little old lady @ Sam's fuel station and i saw front plate "Hindiville".
I said Hindiville? She just smiled with the biggest GRIN! She got in her white car, we waved at each other goodby. I looked up Hindiville and here I'am. She had this secret!
And what I just read makes me Proud to be New Mexican!!! You are true New Mexican's

rick fine
Tue Dec 31 17:16:00 2013


It was great to find your article, I also have been pissed that Dogtown was not where it started. Im 56 so a little behind you guys.The first guy I saw skate Marquez Elementary was Paul Minkhoff on a 2+2, I think that board preceded Makaha and DB boards?
another Pali evolution is I was the one who invented Roadskiing . When Sims made the first polyurethane wheels I mounted skate boots on 65MM Skis. The US Olympic was willing to trade an endorsement for 100 pairs . I could not afford it.They eventually evolved into regular ski boots with ski bindings.
I texted Don Mike , ( no response) I would like to contribute what I can it has been a lifelong passion and I currently longboard with my adult Son!

Thu Dec 12 16:23:50 2013

Scott Archer

Sun Dec 1 21:53:37 2013

Barry Blenkhorn aka Barry Williams?

Sandy Morison
Wed Nov 27 10:32:59 2013

What a great article. Thanks for mentioning me. I learned how to kick turn from Paul Resnack and Jamie Budge. Paul was dating my sister and Jamie was his best friend. They were from Santa Monica and they were doing it on metal skates and home made boards a few years before anyone. Both great surfers.

Lisa Segotta Jenkins
Fri Nov 1 13:29:14 2013

Your photos are simply amazing! They make me so homesick...yet they give me the opportunity to show everyone just how beautiful NE New Mexico is... Many of my family are still living in the area, involved in rodeo, mining, politics, etc. Hoping to come to Raton/Springer next spring to finally show my kids where I grew up and why it will always be "God's Country" to me!

Wed Aug 14 20:44:16 2013

I grew up in Raton NM listening to the Fireballs. A couple years ago my son's boss opened an old safe. Inside were a lot of old cassette tapes of famous Country Western singers.While looking through them I found 2 of the Fireballs cassette tapes from the Clovis studio. They were going to be thrown away so I grabbed them and have them in a cedar chest.

Martin Hunter
Fri May 17 17:20:34 2013

Hello Tim.
I think you might remember me as Proffessor Paul Hunter's son, Martin. I recently came across your album "Little Miracles" and was overjoyed. "Lefty" has been a song that I can still remember by heart from being 10 yrs old. I am now a musician myself, and would love to pick your brain. It's been a long time since you stepped in that cactus in Santa Fe, but i will never forget that you didn't miss a beat as you were playing. I must say that you made quite an impression on me as a musician in my youth. I am going to try to get in tough with you through my dad, but i have much to ask, and even more to play. or if youd like, please call me at my "email".

Fri May 17 11:02:14 2013

i love don's poem its funny but true i live out on a ranch in texas 40 miles out of lubbock and my land is soo dry i have 5 wells allover my land its complicated to ride my horses without them beening spooked by those wells its embarrasing! :)

Tammie Denio
Sun May 5 20:15:17 2013

I simply love your works. You are truly blessed by all that is wonderful around you. Im am so looking forward to be able to enjoy the pleasures in your State. Thanks.

Denny krank
Thu Apr 18 22:05:16 2013

This place seems like a dream I would love to come have a tour and learn all I can!

Mon Apr 8 20:50:15 2013

THat was A Joke BTW!

Mon Apr 8 20:39:21 2013

Hey i was researcheing on this buried treasure thing and i think its under your house!

Scott Orchard
Thu Feb 7 14:00:47 2013

Thanks so much for your kind article on "The Hunts." The group forwarded it to my office (I manage The Hunts with their record producer Mark Carman at MCM World Media) They also forwarded this to East Coast Touring (The Hunts Booking agency) and the team there was also delighted to read the piece you wrote. I agree, let's not wait another five years to hear The Hunts play in the great state of New Mexico...(Justin will be an old man of 19!)

Reinaldo Garcia
Mon Feb 4 23:56:03 2013

Hi, Tim: Haven't seen you for over 20 years. Living above Monterey Bay now, writing and recording songs and writing screenplays. So, you're 38 miles outside of Raton, with your bride Christina! I thoroughly explored your website, enjoying it immensely. Have a great 2013!

George Tomsco
Sat Dec 29 16:41:47 2012

Hi Tim! The Fireballs want to thank you for starting our 2013 New Year off with a New Mexico Magazine 'bang' ! A very nice piece of work and thankful you chose us for the article. Norman Petty, would be happy & proud too. Happy New Year !

Fri Dec 28 13:55:17 2012

I kicked started my education career Aug 1972 and marriage Jan 1973 in Des Moines New Mexico. Great families, super kids. It was a perfect fit for lynne and i.

Love the read, and the names brought back fond memories of the area.


Fri Dec 28 09:26:21 2012

Just read your article about the Fireballs, excellent story timeline and the photos were the cherry on the Sundae. Your art of photography and writing blesses the readers of this magazine.

Diane York-Herren

Fri Dec 14 10:46:06 2012

Sorry about the type error, ha it was homemade bread that her Mom would make for us. My prayer are with her family.

Diane York-Herren

Fri Dec 14 10:42:20 2012

Ms. Jackson was a wonderful teacher and life long friend. She was my favorite teacher, I remember like yesterday the trips she and I went on to Colorado horse ranch spend the night and come back the next day. Her Mom would make us sandwiches with homemade bread. Many great memories. I will miss her and will remember her always.

Mark Riddiford

Wed Dec 12 17:39:19 2012

So sorry to hear about Ms. Jackson. She was THE reason I became an English teacher. She taught so much more that English. Those Life Lessons will stay with everyone who was in her classrom for many years to come. She will live on because of her influence and effect on so many of her students.

Tara Vukonich Stosek

Wed Dec 12 11:55:58 2012

Ms Jackson was by far one of my favorite high school teachers. She was fair, stern, caring, effective and her love of horses apparent. God Bless you Ms Jackson. You made a positive mark on so many of us.

Tara Vukonich Stosek

Wed Dec 12 11:55:57 2012

Ms Jackson was by far one of my favorite high school teachers. She was fair, stern, caring, effective and her love of horses apparent. God Bless you Ms Jackson. You made a positive mark on so many of us.

Margaret Linsky
Wed Dec 12 09:02:52 2012

Tim - Thanks for the great article on Linda Jackson. Like hundreds of kids, I saw the teacher and never realized that she could have an interesting life outside of school! She helped me appreciate and use my writing skills. Wish I would have known her better!

Ricardo Baca
Tue Dec 11 21:22:15 2012

I'm sad that you've passed on, Ms Jackson. In high school, you were my English teacher.

While in College... your words, your style and your lessons got me through those required English classes so you technically were still my English teacher.

When I started my career with AT&T, you were lessons were reminders of effective words, polished phrases and proper communications skills. You took me far, my special English teacher.

After I retired from AT&T after twenty eight years... I look back and am so very happy that you were as diligent an English teacher as she was a lover of horses.

I HAVEN'T SEEN OR TALKED TO YOU SINCE HIGH SCHOOL but for many years, your lessons have never left me.


Tue Dec 11 19:19:36 2012

Hi there Tim Mrs Linda Jackson was my english teacher and was an amazing lady. She was the best english teacher i had and a great lady that taught me alot about horses. She will greatly missed and never forgotten


Sat Nov 17 19:15:24 2012

Hi Sweetie.... Oh, yes you can zoom!!!

Marv Newton

Sun Nov 11 22:17:50 2012

Hey Tim, Just picked up a New Mexico Magazine. A great article on Raton, and your photography was wonderful as always. Thanks very much for the mention!

Wed Oct 31 12:45:20 2012

Really enjoyed the sights and 'sounds' on your website. I hope u enjoy the expressing of these things as much as we enjoy viewing and listening (with the mind's ear).Great!

Rick Trice
Tue Aug 7 15:11:47 2012

Nice work, Tim. I enjoy your blogs, your articles, and photography, and for continuing to shed light on the arts in Northeastern New Mexico in your most talentd way. Keep up the good work!

Rik "Hawk" Hurst
Tue Jul 24 13:37:08 2012

Yatahay Tim, sounds like it was a great ride! I rode my horse and packed my other horse from Texas/Mexico border to Montana/Canadian border using only pre 1840 gear all primitive in 2010 with no back up support! 2200 miles mostly in the back country, I want to write a book on it.

Nancy Mathews
Sun Jul 15 22:07:51 2012

Hi Tim i'm an old friend of Don and Brittany Rouse, i used to work with them at the stockyards ,i've lost touch with them and would like to get a hold of them , i found this article on them and was thrilled to see they were doin so well , can you help me , i need a phone # or an email address, Thank You Nancy


Mon Jul 9 09:22:08 2012

Hi Carrie,
A Google search for "'Texas Summer Nights' album" brings up Mickie, Tracie, Denice, the Ash Family, and more, though I'm not optimistic you'll ever find an LP available. Your best hope is to find someone who has coverted the tracks to digital as I eventually did with my early recordings. TSN is truly a one-of-a-kind classic: good luck!


Mon Jul 9 02:45:50 2012

Hello Tim,
Congratulations on your continued success!

My parents lost their home in the San Marcos Flood of 1998. Also lost was the Summer Nights Album I loved and listned to when I visited there.How might I find this music so loved again? Is it on line anywhere? My Brother and Sister went to college there and also loved that album..and I would love to surprise them with a copy!

It is was awesome Album!...and I would really appreciate your help!

Thanks, Carrie

Wed Jun 20 14:37:32 2012

WOW! Now that is what I call an Endurance trail Ride! I would love to do something like this! How does one get involved?

Thu Jun 14 01:00:49 2012

Did Will Banister mention that he does impersonations?? Check out his youtube videos! What an entertainer! Thanks for the awesome coverage!

Sun Jun 10 18:40:35 2012

What a wonderful act, Will Banister & the Mulberry Band.... Nara Visa has great taste in music and an amazing Community Center.

Looking forward to hearing more of Will and his band; watching this act rise.

I would love to see that video of Will doing Your Cheatin' Heart in diapers!

Thanks for a great adventure/date!!!

Kathy Honeyfield

Tue Mar 27 09:37:30 2012

Wow! What a nice article on your website! The pictures are great! I really appreciate your efforts. We have never had an article written about the school before. I am looking forward to reading the paper tonight!

Kathy Honeyfield

Mon Jan 23 15:45:58 2012

What a nice article about Maggie! Thanks a bunch for writing a story about her future endeavors. She was quite complemented by the fact that her favorite English teacher wanted to write an article about her! The picture is really nice, too! We appreciate this a lot! Let me know what day it will be published. Kathy

Mike Schoonover
Tue Jan 10 22:24:50 2012

A permanent display at the Holiday Inn Express...


I wonder if the largest hunting & fishing park in the world would like to have a Keller gracing their lodge.

Kathy McQueary

Tue Nov 15 12:03:32 2011

Just had the opportunity to view your site. Wonderful, inspiring.
Your story on "A First Trip to a Museum", was insiteful and reflective. The Raton Museum has strived to bring awareness to our youth about our history. The Journey Stories Exhibit and people such as yourself have helped further that goal THANK YOU

Sun Oct 30 17:51:33 2011

Thanks my friend -Pedro

Bill Crary

Sun Oct 16 11:11:36 2011

Thanks for your wonderful coverage of M5. I always enjoy seeing what you do with your pics and your lit.


Fri Oct 14 13:53:12 2011

This is a wonderful story and I am sure they have lots of campfire tales to tell. Making memories that will last a lifetime. Something not many get to do but wish they could so we live through these stories.

Rick Trice

Sat Sep 17 13:35:25 2011

P.S. Sorry for "SHOUTING" previously. Didn't know the caps lock was on!

Sat Sep 17 13:34:38 2011


Joel Moore
Thu Sep 8 03:21:12 2011


I really enjoyed your story.
You probably don't remember me, but you were my home room teacher at S.M.H.S.
I graduated in 82'.
You were one of my favorite teachers, laid back, but firm.
I hope this email finds you well, and happy. Joel Moore.

P.S. San Marcos is still hot, and humid.

Donna Anderson
Sat Sep 3 15:44:45 2011

Linda, Tim Keller gave me your name to see if you or someone had a place for trail riders with there own horses to camp for a week or 2 in the Raton area. I probably won't be able to get there till next year but I thought I'd work on it so I can get out of this heat next summer.


Sun Aug 28 18:33:41 2011

Hi Love,

Thanks for this sweet tribute for all to see and share in the happiness we've found together.

May the years ahead bring many blessings and even more discovery~ Love, Christina

Lynn Romero
Fri Aug 26 08:41:53 2011

Thank you for the photos and the wonderful review. I don't know when I have enjoyed a performance more.


Wed Jul 13 16:04:17 2011

Great article and pics! Thank you!

Thu Apr 21 05:59:54 2011

What a wonderful predawn hour I just spent with your work here, Tim. Faves: neighbors house at blind gap, with the tree, seated circus elephant (that may be she, not the photo!), last in the Max Brand series (those eyes!), Christina happy, Darien's boys in the truck bed. Well, many others. All are extraordinary in a way I mean to discover and describe. The people are real, now that's because you SEE them, though how you catch that is the genius. All my love, always, you and christine. 'then he walked away from me...'

Gail Willden

Sun Apr 10 10:37:38 2011

We are so lucky to have you covering news in Raton! And your pictures - best in the state!! Thank you thank you for your hard work and your art. And for teaching me a new word - "inveigle". :)

Barbara Farrar

Thu Feb 24 05:59:46 2011

Enjoyed the Mask & Wig news. Always interested in what is happening at the Shuler.

Sam McNaghten
Sun Feb 20 16:46:57 2011

Congratulations to those responsible, am truly impressed with your website etc. Sorry I haven't looked in long before. Now anxioux to get the "Hi Lo Country" as I left there after WW 11.

Sat Feb 5 20:21:40 2011


Tue Feb 1 14:00:45 2011

Tim (and Christina),
I just finished "Ameripass" and found it very interesting. Another way of getting to know our neighbors.
I enjoy your writing and pictures, you are an artist!
We all have history. It's just that not everyone's history is as interesting, nor can we write it the way you did! Thanks for sharing!

Pat Kossler
Mon Jan 24 08:32:58 2011

Thank you for the article on Mary Lou Kern. I have the pleasure of working with her as the Admin. Assistant for the Colfax Soil and Water. Your article was very interesting and I sure enjoyed it.

Mike Schoonover
Sat Jan 22 13:37:24 2011

Photo tour looks great over at New Mexico Magazine!

I heard that the Okie wagon train has picked up stakes and relocated from Clayton to the rest area east of Des Moines. Might be a story AND a portrait out of that one!

Victoria J.

Tue Dec 14 15:29:02 2010

I loved reading it, Aunt Lynn :) I've read it...Hmm, I think 3 times now?

Linda Jackson
Mon Dec 13 14:10:39 2010

My choice of the two hat pictures is the one with the hat on the tombstone. It shows finality to a man's life. It is interesting how sacred a man's hat can become.

Mike Schoonover
Sun Dec 12 20:34:55 2010

When I saw your first shot, I didn't like the saddle either. It confused the issue -- without added commentary the viewer would likely have assumed that the saddle shared the owner of the hat.

The second shot is much better.

Susan Stone
Fri Nov 26 12:07:23 2010

The photo choice is interesting, I prefer the other two over the one that WH published, my fav is #2. I've moved to Ajo Arizona to The Curley School Artisan apartments. Very busy with my photography and still wanting to stop in Des Moines for a visit someday. Susan

Barbara Farrar

Fri Nov 5 08:38:23 2010

Congratulations to the Whited Foundation! Nice Article, Tim!
And congratulations to you on photos in New Mexico mag.

Mike Schoonover
Mon Oct 18 07:19:39 2010

I'm glad you put the "second-string" photos on the blog. That's the way it's supposed to work, anyways!

Some of your readers might find their own gems amongst the tailings.

Laura Brewer
Thu Aug 12 08:35:44 2010

Loved the Ride to Pride article. Congratulations on your expanding writing career!

Barbara Farrar
Sun Jul 18 15:21:11 2010

Brianna K

Sat Apr 24 10:06:23 2010

I would love to hear that ranting, I can just imagine! I was thinking What?! when I read that. Cowgirls are a breed apart though!


Tue Apr 13 20:03:54 2010

Hehehe yes DHS rocks!

Mike Schoonover
Tue Feb 16 09:09:59 2010

I just finished "The Hi-Lo Country". It was very strange to read a book based on the area in which I now live. In the forward of my copy, the author stressed that his goal was to accurately record the experience of living near Des Moines in the era after World War II.

How strange that the land in which I now live seems to bear so little resemblance to that described in the book. The geography matches, but the wind, although still a force today, seems to play an outsized role in the book. Was it so much worse then? Did working in it exacerbate its imprint on the psyche? When Max Evans left for Santa Fe, it seems the wind chased him in his dreams.

One thing is for certain, we have less drinking, fighting, and woman chasing. Perhaps our easier lives require less extravagant diversions. Satellite television and a bottle from the fridge seemingly provide the necessary respite in the modern day.

I would really like to see you write a feature comparing the book with modern day Des Moines. By the way, I never found the answer to the source of the name "Hi-Lo". In the forward, the author does give a clue; he describes the area as a land of extremes. Extreme in its perception as well as its reality.

David Runnels
Fri Jan 15 09:45:04 2010

Hey Tim! We worked together at Playback International (video warehouse) in Richardson, TX. Glad to see you're still around. Happy New Year and best wishes for you and yours. Estella and I are still together. Two beautiful girls and a good church life are my main purposes these days. Thank you for all the great music, sir.

Susan Stone
Sun Dec 20 06:32:46 2009

Just stopping by to wish you and Christina a very happy holiday season spent with joy, hope, and humor; and of course those you love. I follow both your and Chritina's blogs faithfully and look forward to the day we can sit down together over a cup of coffee. Blessings....Susan


Wed Dec 9 19:20:45 2009

Thanks, TJ, for commenting and conversing about the content of one of my blog entries. I'd love to see more of that type of interaction here. It's nice to know that you're there and reading. I appreciate it. Tim

Wed Dec 9 16:53:44 2009

Tim, I've enjoyed reading your articles both in Western Horseman and on your blog. As a newspaper copy editor with a "country" background, I frequently grimace at the way some of my fellow copy editors change things in stories about which they have no working knowledge. Your comments about the changes to both the mesa and the river made me chortle because I know someone who would have made exactly those changes. Keep up the fantastic work bringing these stories to readers of both your blog and WH!


Sun Nov 22 16:32:09 2009

The humor is great! I love it when you make me laugh.... but hey, you posted right on top of that fabulous photo... what's up with that?

Mike Schoonover
Mon Nov 9 13:03:51 2009



Wed Oct 7 08:46:52 2009

Your gallery is awesome and inspiring. I loved the poem "Grasp" and relate to it. I will come back and view it often as the photography makes me VERY nostalgic. Christina is beautiful, but then I expected that... Viya con dias

Susan Stone
Tue Sep 15 05:28:18 2009

Yes, I know the "tingle" well, it happens when I'm looking through the viewfinder and I just know the image is going to "work" and I get the same magical feeling when a print rolls out of the ol' Epson and it looks even better than I visualized. I wish I was in High School again and you were my teacher, I hope your students are as inspired by your dedication as I am. I am enjoying being a College student at my ripe old age and appreciate the opportunity. Adios amigo.

Pat B.

Sat Jul 25 23:10:41 2009

Tim, I've spent two hours looking through this amazing website, reading your bio, and lamenting that you sang tonight and I was not there. RHS kids are so fortunate to still have you--I can only imagine how busy you stay to produce such a variety of art and, most importantly, influence so many young minds. Always a fan! Pat

Wed Jul 22 11:50:21 2009

R. -

All my images are available for purchase, including "Long Gaze West". Adding photos to the web galleries is time-consuming: I do it in batches, every few months. Meantime, use the Purchase page on the Photography side to get details and a price estimate, then e-mail me (via the Contact button). I'll send exact costs and we'll have a done deal.

By the way, providing "a desktop computer background" is not actually my purpose here.

Always, thanks for visiting.


R. Allen
Tue Jul 21 20:58:15 2009

Mr. Keller,

The picture "Long gaze west" should be among the prints available for purchase. The picture is quite nice and should do more than make a desktop computer background.

Sat Jul 4 13:11:32 2009

I just read The Long Riders: Crossing America from Mexico to Canada on
Horseback. Enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading it in publication.

Julie Pedigo
Sun Jun 28 15:15:26 2009

Hi Tim,

This is a great article. My husband, Wayne Pedigo and our daughter Briana are riding on this great adventure. Wayne has ridden every mile of the trip and Briana joined him in June in LaJunta, CO. They are having an amazing experience and thank you for making me feel that I was there by reading your great article. Also I was looking at your photos on the web and they are breathtaking. You are very talented.



Mon May 18 16:14:41 2009

Neat! A new car from the efforts of your camera and writing. Also liked the Virtual Art Tour. It was certainly a beautiful exhibit.


Dot - Flickr friend

Wed Apr 8 16:28:34 2009

Amazing writing, Tim. I felt as if I was on the cattle drive with you. Mark and I are so anxious to get there next weekend, and explore this wonderful part of the country with you and Christina!

See you soon!

Dot in Connecticut


Sun Apr 5 22:54:31 2009

Hi Love,

I am looking forward to hearing tell of your trail ride and seeing the images you bring back.

Good Road,


Fri Apr 3 22:20:29 2009

Frankly, Mr. Keller, I initially snickered at the thought of you singing. But, through and through, you have proved to me you are not only a great writer, a great photographer, and ultimately a great teacher, but also a great musician and an overall great person. I truly felt the need to compliment you, albeit anonymously.

Sheila Harris
Thu Mar 26 10:54:47 2009


Thanks so much for the newspapers. Your article was fantastic. I love your site. Great pictures.


Dick Armstrong
Mon Feb 16 20:23:41 2009


My sincere congratulations to you on the success of your ventures! I've missed you on PN, but what you are doing here is wonderful!

All the best !


Wed Feb 11 15:34:17 2009

Very interesting, love the pictures, music etc....
Great work!!

Wed Feb 11 05:54:07 2009

Ha! Tim saw your Dad and Terry a few weeks ago they told me about your site,looks get. Congratulations, I catch up later.


Sun Feb 8 14:37:14 2009

Congratulations, Tim! I'm so glad that things are going so well for you. I know it has taken a lot of work and I can only wish you the very best!

Fri Feb 6 13:26:24 2009

Hi Tim,

I am so amazed at how your writing and photography has taken off! Congratulations on the NM Arts purchase. Wow!

Tue Jan 20 18:46:44 2009

Started thinking about you after listening again to Kirk sing Come & Go on his Rising on the Wind CD. I saw you a couple times around Dallas in the early 1990's. Had to have the Uncle Calvin's cassette-I volunteered there from 1994-2006. Love the website.

Marc Gutierrez

Mon Dec 29 15:07:24 2008


This is so well done and it looks just terrific......You should be very proud or yourself. WTG my friend.

Dot - Flickr friend

Fri Dec 26 08:27:06 2008

Wow. Tim...all I can say is wow! I can't wait for a few minutes of spare time so I can return and explore some more. This is so wonderful...


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