Sketch Fiction by Tim Keller

Sketch Fiction

Tim's short fiction sketches, using his own photographs as starting points.




Tim's Articles and Photographs in
New Mexico

Trinidad Chronicle-News articles by Tim Keller

Tim's Articles and Photographs in
The Chronicle-News

Western Horseman features by Tim Keller, writer photographer

  Skateboarding's First Wave by Tim Keller
First Wave
The Palisades Skateboard Team
Chasing Billy the Kid - A New Mexico Travelogue by Tim Keller

  Ameripass, road photo and memoir by Tim Keller
Aimless in America
A memoir

Tim Keller in Ranch & Reata

 RANGE Magazine features by Tim Keller, New Mexico writer photographer

Tim's Articles and Photographs in RANGE
The Cowboy Spirit on America's Outback

George Tomsco in Fretboard Journal
Tim's photography is featured in Fretboard Journal.

Tim Keller in Raton Comet

Tim was a regular contributor to the late Raton Comet

National Geographic Traveler: Road Trip - The Authentic Old West
Enchantment--"One, Will You Make It Two?": Auctioneer Walter C. Hall
Enchantment--"High-Tailing It Down the Road": Jan Pryor, Rural Paramedic
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