A.R. Mitchell Memorial Museum of Western Art
Trinidad, Colorado
May 1-23, 2009
Artist Reception May 8, 2009


The catered reception drew 100 people on a beautiful Friday evening. I took pictures before the guests arrived, before I got busy visiting.


20 of my framed photographs lined one 200-foot wall on the second floor, straight ahead in the distance. It was a thrill to visit with guests on the lower floor while watching so many people slowly enjoying my photographs on the upper floor.


"The Mitch" did a great job hanging my show, giving it an elegance that I appreciated (thank you, Marilyn). Click any picture to enlarge it.


The three monochrome photos were popular. Many people came by to shake my hand and tell me which photo was their favorite. I enjoyed myself immensely.


Large editions of Distance, center, and Raton Junkyard 18, right, have sold to the cities of Belen and Rio Rancho, respectively, for permanent public exhibition. Bringing Up the Rear, left, was the two-page title spread for my first magazine article, Driving on Blacktop in the January 2009 Western Horseman.


Three ranching photographs -- a branding iron in flames, a saddle in storage, and horses grazing before Sierra Grande.


Before the guests start arriving, a lone caterer works in the distance. Here the spotlights are supplemented by the window light off Main Street. The Mitchell is an anchor institution in downtown Trinidad.


From the artist biography hanging on the right, the show moves slowly down the wall toward the setting sun.