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Raton, New Mexico

September 14, 2013

M.O.M. 2013 - Lake Maloya

32 photos of the race in all four stages -- 6-mile mountain run, 3-mile lake paddle, 20-mile bike race, and timed 6-stage shotgun course -- with an effort at storytelling by showing some of the same contestants in various stages of the race. Click any image to see it enlarged.

Jared Chatterly, M.O.M. race director, 2013



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 Competitor's meeting the night before the race.



The first group to leave the lake behind them included Sugarite State Park Superintendent Robert McIvor (10), John Winkley of Aztec (13), and Santiago Gamboa of Roswell (6).

M.O.M. 2013M.O.M. 2013


Elise Bow (1) of Golden, Colorado, by way of Vermejo Park Ranch, led the next bunch close on the heels of the leaders. Elise trailed her cousin, Cole Schindler of Seattle (12), through a high-mountain meadow four miles into the running race, and as they both set out on the kayak leg. Elise stopped them both along the west shore when she shouted ahead, "Cole! Look, a beaver!" And there it was. Competitors also noted bears and wild turkey along the route.

Elise Bow, M.O.M. 2013

Cole Schindler & Elise Bow, M.O.M. 2013Elise Bow, M.O.M. 2013

Elise Bow, M.O.M. 2013Elise Bow, M.O.M. 2013


John Winkley trailed until the kayak leg of the race when his long red kayak passed The Jorts Crew Team (Jorts = jean shorts: they all wore cut-offs!) and Santiago Gamboa. He held the lead the rest of the morning, but just barely!

John Winkley, M.O.M. 2013John Winkley, M.O.M. 2013

John Winkley, M.O.M. 2013


Santiago Gamboa charged hard all morning; I could tell he was having a ball. He was in the lead in my first pictures (above), and held that lead all the way through the grueling six-mile mountain run, barely holding off Lucio Plancarte of the Jorts Crew as they came down the mountain (lower left). At the shotgun range, Santiago had the second best performance of the day. His total race time of 2 hours 45 minutes missed winning the coveted winner-take-all Master of the Mountain prize by just 2 minutes! I'm glad he'll be back next year.

Santiago Gamboa, M.O.M. 2013Santiago Gamboa, M.O.M. 2013

Santiago Gamboa, M.O.M. 2013Santiago Gamboa, M.O.M. 2013


Cole Schindler (12, above with Elise) finished third, five minutes behind Santiago. At the shotgun course, he took instructions from Carl Patty (in green) and was photographed by Matthew Mayfield (in orange):

Cole Schindler, M.O.M. 2013Cole Schindler, M.O.M. 2013

Cole Schindler, M.O.M. 2013


Raton's Ted Kamp finished fourth, six minutes behind Cole:

Ted Kamp, M.O.M. 2013Ted Kamp, M.O.M. 2013

Ted Kamp, M.O.M. 2013Ted Kamp, M.O.M. 2013


Next finisher after Ted was Robert McIvor, who looked strong all morning:

Robert McIvor, M.O.M. 2013Robert McIvor, M.O.M. 2013

Robert McIvor, M.O.M. 2013


Below are two Jorts Crew relay team members -- Lucio Plancarte running and Sepp Fuierer paddling across Lake Maloya -- and then Team Paradox Beer Company's Dave Grove taking the big plunge.

Lucio Plancarate, M.O.M. 2013Sepp Fuierer, M.O.M. 2013, Lake Maloya

Dave Grove, Team Paradox Beer Company, M.O.M. 2013



Jared Chatterley, race director, M.O.M. 2013



Race director Jared Chatterley accepted well-earned applause from the gathered crowd at the awards ceremony in downtown Raton Saturday afternoon. Complete results are posted at the race website. Next year's contest is set for September 13, 2014.

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Santiago Gamboa and John Winkley, M.O.M. 2013



After the awards, Santiago Gamboa -- who finished the long grueling race within sight the winner -- congratulated Master of the Mountain John Winkley.








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