*One that got away:
The Long Way -- At 90, rancher Sadie Renfro still puts the big miles on her pickup.



Ranch & Reata 3.3

Boys to Men

Roy Sanders uses a lifetime of cowboy skills to turn troubled city boys into self-reliant young men.

Story and photography by Tim Keller


August/September 2013 (Issue 3.3)      


Sierra Pillmore, If Horses Are In You - Ranch & Reata

If Horses Are In You

As adulthood looms, young people in the West's horse culture face the daunting challenge of keeping horses in their lives. Teens like 17-year-old Sierra Pillmore are determined to build futures centered on the animals.
Story and photography by Tim Keller.

See a two-page spread of Sierra with the Table of Contents, then click on the feature there to jump straight to pages 58-62.

June/July 2013 (Issue 3.2)